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  Will there ever be a full interoperable Instant Messenger service?
Time: 11:04 EST/16:04 GMT | News Source: | Posted By: Byron Hinson

I guess that most us have a few friends who use different instant messenger programs than you do, such as ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, Aolís AIM and MSN/Windows Messenger. There are a few features in each that help them differ from each other, ICQ for example has SMS messaging, e-mail, chat, voice, forums and just about anything else you can name. While some of the others try to just go with chat, web cams or e-mail.

There is a problem having so many instant messenger programs available on the internet, hardly any of them let you interact with other people who use different messenger programs than you do. This means, for example: If you use MSN messenger but a family member or friend of yours uses Aolís AIM you canít use MSN to chat with them due to neither AOL or MSN allowing you to.

Do you want IM Interoperability?
Yeah, great idea
No, why bother?
I don't use one
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#1 By 3 ( at 9/27/2002 12:09:27 PM
#4 - yep, another reason to allow all users access to whatever IM they want but retain a contact list from one to the other.

#2 By 61 ( at 9/27/2002 1:02:35 PM
Why would you want to have multiple contact lists, Byron, that just does not make sense to me at all.

The simple fact is, in my opinion, Windows Messenger has many many more features than AOLIM, runs a LOT faster, and is ad free, however, in order for me to chat with my AIM buddies, I have to be on AIM, which is an app I do not like.

Basically, my friends use AIM, while my family (grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, etc...) all use MSNIM, and so I need to have both in order to be in contact with both, while I would muchg rather just use MSNIM due to it's superiority (in my opinion).

#3 By 3339 ( at 9/27/2002 2:31:06 PM
There are plenty of reasons to support the "why bother" take. For example, how do new and interesting features get supported if there is a standard? Also, what happens to the speed, quality of service, discovery time,etc... if every single IM user is now in the "same" network? It seems to me like there could be some very real large scale P2P network issues if all IM systems were resolved into one.

Those are just two issues, but there big ones, and no one has resolved them.

#4 By 2332 ( at 9/27/2002 3:29:18 PM
I'm running Trillian Pro (I paid for it), and I couldn't be happier.

It does *almost* everything I want it to do.

It's missing two things:

1.) While it has MSN-style alerts when an e-mail arrives, I want that when an IM arrives as well. And it *must* be able to draw over video games currently running too... just like MSN.

2.) Auto-sync between multiple machines running Trillian. I use it at home and at work, and it's a HUGE pain to sync the logs, users, etc. They should offer some kind of service, either via direct connect, or via a client/server kinda setup.

Other than that, it's perfect! :-) Remember... the gui is skinnable and customizable... the defaults suck, but you can CHANGE it!

#5 By 3 ( at 9/27/2002 3:31:21 PM
#15 - yeah the IETF are trying to - they have been working with AOL on it too, perhaps thats one reason.

#6 By 61 ( at 9/27/2002 3:33:03 PM
Ned, as I've said many times, I think Trillian is a pile of crap.

JWM: Coming upon a standard means of communication between IM clients has NOTHING to do with being able to produce different ads on the client.

AOLTW has a total monopoly here, they have no competition in the cable TV business (the best way to provide TV, in my opinion) and they have no competition in the cable inet business (and the DSL alternatives all stink). So getting rid of AOLTW just won't work, unfortunately.

#7 By 61 ( at 9/27/2002 4:16:44 PM
Is anyone else getting annoyed with the pop-unders that load for EVERY page that you go to on AW (even when you just hit the comment button....

#8 By 61 ( at 9/28/2002 1:06:19 AM
Trillian's IRC client is quite possible the CRAPPIEST IRC client to EVER exist... and that is not an exaggeration.... have you ever used mIRC, PiRCH, or Klient? All are lightyears ahead of Trillian.

Windows Messenger, from an objective point, is the best, hands down... however, you must use whatever IM client you need, or like to use.

The purpose of having the contact lists server-side is so you can have an IM client on another device (such as a PDA, on another computer, or heck, if you just have to format and reinstall) and not have to redo all your buddies.

There are no so called logs stored on an MS server, so either a) stop spreading BS, or b) Take the time to think about some rumor you've heard and come to an intelligent conclusion before repeating it.

Windows Messenger is skinnable, to a small degree, in that it will use whatever colors your WinXP skin is using, or you can just have it as default.

#9 By 3653 ( at 9/28/2002 6:51:53 PM
Trillian and Jabber are good ideas, but I hesitate to use them. I just don't feel comfortable giving my AOLIM and MSNIM logins to those little companies. Doesnt that make anyone else a little nervous?

#10 By 2865093 ( at 10/16/2014 1:13:26 AM

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  Displaying Comments 1 through 10 of 10
  The time now is 4:58:52 AM ET.
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