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  * New Microsoft Longhorn Build 4008 Screenshots
Time: 14:31 EST/19:31 GMT | News Source: | Posted By: Robert Stein

We have posted thirty four Microsoft Longhorn Build 4008 screenshots. These screenshots show the installation process, my documents, desktop, internet explorer, error messages, taskbars, etc. Check it out!

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#26 By 2459 ( at 3/6/2003 1:48:18 AM
MS stresses Cleartype mainly for LCDs because depending upon the pixel arrangement of CRTs, you can get great results or bad results.

For most CRTs, ClearType works great, but there are some that don't give good results. And whether you are using ClearType on an LCD or CRT, you should check the results after calibrating it before you dismiss it all together.

From what I've heard, Cleartype will be enabled by default in Longhorn RTM.

JWM - "If we will not be seeing any big UI change till late beta, why did they even waste the time to create a new style to the currrent UI? Plus do you consider Win XP a big UI change from Win 95?"

For test purposes, differentiation, or simply because they could (edit: also to hide the new look from competitors [Ever see spy photos of prototype automobiles? They are usually made to look like older/different models or junkers to throw people off of what the final production vehicle will be like]). It is not unusual for the Alpha and early Beta product to have a GUI that is different from the late beta/RTM GUI. Half the tech that is to be included in LH is not even in the current alpha version. Previous Windows versions have changed even during the beta stages. The featureset generally isn't frozen until Beta 3.

XP has a lot of usability improvements and convienences over Windows 95. I don't think it's as radical a change as going from Windows 3.x to Windows 95 in terms of having a new way of accessing applications, etc., but then again, as XP is a point release to Windows 2000, there should be no radical UI changes. That said, I don't know anyone that would rather use Windows 95 over XP given XP's GUI (and other) enhancements.

All I can say is you'll have to wait to see the final product (or the RCs) to know all that LH will offer (some things can be found with a bit of research, and there will be more hints/pics/public betas before RTM. If you look back at Windows 95/Windows 2000/Windows XP alphas, etc., they also look different and/or have different featuresets than the RTM product. LH's alphas are/will be no different than those past products.

This post was edited by n4cer on Thursday, March 06, 2003 at 02:03.

#27 By 135 ( at 3/6/2003 2:53:41 AM
matgarnz - I switched to LCD monitors last year, and I'm not going back. And clearType makes a tremendous difference as well.

JWM - "I just thought it was going to be overhauled like Mac OS X."

No, with Windows XP they made the UI better... not just prettier like Apple did.

#28 By 1169 ( at 3/6/2003 6:56:17 AM
I think that the whole issue of user interface is an important aspect. One ting is professionals wanting the power of the OS and another is the large percentage of windows users that are not professionals, they want an OS that works well, it is easy to use, and more than anything it looks good, why? it is simple, we are a consumer society, a very brand aware society and the new generation of user, yes the young ones that are doing amazing things at an age most of us were reading comics and awating superman movies, they want the look, look at the mobile phone market, the war for the most apps and looks is on, and it is based on the young ones taste. I thnk that is one area in which apple has the lead. Their systems look god (both out and in) and people want the comfort of a nice looking environment, they decorate their houses and buy nice designer clothes, why should the thing they have to look at the most during the day at work or home look any better than the rest, if it is to fit in the people's lifestyle (and that is a fact nowdays, we buy things that fit our image of what we desever or what we aim for) then it most look good, coherent and sophisticated. I welcome changes in the UI, it will make for a better experience in everyday work.

#29 By 7754 ( at 3/6/2003 10:43:40 AM
Sodajerk, have you tried optimizing ClearType (per the link posted above)? I know what you mean about the rainbow effect, but it can be significantly reduced by the optimization.

I'd be curious to know if ClearType has a significant performance advantage vs. other anti-aliasing technologies.

#30 By 33916 ( at 6/22/2005 6:30:27 AM
Sadly enough these are all skins faking longhorn running of windows xp.

There are many clues and most i do not want to share as this isnt a conspiracy.

But i have test run a build of longhorn at the hp labs (there for compatability testing) for some time (too little alas) which i wasnt aloud to take screen shots or photos of the such as ms strongly prohibited it.

Anyway many of the very cool visual features etc are not present in these screenies and i must say there are very little screenies that actually contain real longhorn fotage whilst some are photoshop /psp8 masters at work i doubt there is a single image...

The first real image will definatly come from microsoft...

#31 By 28388 ( at 8/4/2005 1:10:58 AM
Did you Windows losers notice that this look was done a lot better (and with a better OS) by Apple, like, uh, four years ago?

#32 By 283105 ( at 12/19/2009 4:27:59 PM
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