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  * Interview with Gretchen Ledgard, Staffing Programs Manager: Microsoft Talent Acquisition and Engagement
Time: 01:00 EST/06:00 GMT | News Source: | Posted By: Robert Stein

Todd recently was able to interview Gretchen Ledgard, Staffing Programs Manager (and Microsoft jobsblog co-author) of Microsoft Talent Acquisition and Engagement. Here is an excerpt: Are there any funny stories about life at Microsoft you can share?

Ledgard: I think it’s hilarious that we now have our own “Microsoft celebrities,” such as Don Box, Robert Scoble, Raymond Chen, and Adam Barr. Blogging has helped created celebrities out of these people so it’s still something relatively new, and I’m trying to get used to the idea When I talk to candidates about big Microsoft events like Tech*Ed or PDC, they always tell me the best part is getting to meet the celebrities in person. What’s funny to me is that while our Microsoft celebrities are totally accessible here on campus, they can still generate a crowd of admirers amongst our employees. A couple months ago, the recruiting group had a big party after work outside a nearby building. This happens to be the same building that Robert Scoble works in. Robert and I know each other well now, and as he left his building, he spotted me and walked over to say hi. I had about 2 seconds to say hello back before he got swamped by his fans. Robert eventually sat down and entertained them for an hour or so. He loved it, and everyone was happy to meet

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