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  * Working with Hotmail as your Primary E-mail
Time: 14:18 EST/19:18 GMT | News Source: ActiveWin Editorial | Posted By: Robert Stein

Hotmail has been the subject of a large amount of media controversy and negative spin as of late. As a long time Hotmail user I have been severely perturbed by the comments that a number of news services have taken from the "public". I'm not saying that these consumers who have a problem with paying for email are anti-Microsoft, I'm just saying they are ill informed. My first subject for discussion is the 2MB limit, which has been in effect for several years now. At one time, when you exceeded your file limit, you were sent a nice email from Hotmail Member Services telling you to delete some messages. IF you didn't comply your oldest messages were deleted. The only difference since they launched their pay service (of which I am a subscriber) is that you can't receive any mail until you delete messages from your inbox. While this can be annoying it shouldn't be too difficult to prevent this from happening. Even in the case of the "Junk Mail froze me out of Hotmail," it is avoidable and better than the wholesale deletion of your old messages.

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