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  ActiveWin: Windows XP One Year On
Time: 11:37 EST/16:37 GMT | News Source: | Posted By: Byron Hinson

It is hard to believe that Windows XP is only just coming up to its one year anniversary; it feels like it has been with us for a lot longer than that. Perhaps it is due to the long running beta that took place before its release or maybe I have just managed to settle down with Windows XP far quicker than I have done with any of the previous Windows operating systems.

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#1 By 6859 ( at 9/26/2002 11:56:49 AM
Word up on that, Moo. It's stable as can be asked for, IMO.

#2 By 2960 ( at 9/26/2002 1:16:31 PM
XP (and 2K) have their own unique set of problems, but I'll agree for sure that there are fewer issues with them than 98, or especially ME (THE OS from Hell).

If only users would quit installing every damned thing they can find on the Internet :(


#3 By 135 ( at 9/26/2002 1:26:55 PM
The only time I had any signifigant problems with XP was when I installed some stupid Gaming internet finder thing which came with Stronghold... which then proceded to install a spyware program... which then proceeded to disrupt my internet connectivity.

#4 By 6859 ( at 9/26/2002 2:17:55 PM
TechLarry, I never had any problems with WinME. Not one, ever. Of course I used it only until XP came out, and I had it since it's "Promotional Roll-out" package was available (what was that, like a total of one year?) so maybe I was just lucky.

#5 By 37 ( at 9/26/2002 2:59:31 PM
Windows 98 SE with IE 6 SP1 and Office XP SP2 on my work system seems to be very stable, with maybe a BSOD every couple months.

My Windows XP SP1 machines have not had any downtime besides security updates.

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