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  Do you hate Microsoft?
Time: 06:58 EST/11:58 GMT | News Source: CNET | Posted By: Robert Stein

In a recent column, PC World editor Jon Phillips tackled this provocative topic: "Why PC users hate Microsoft." Noting that few users would admit to anything like fondness for the company, Phillips suggests that because we're effectively stuck with Windows when we buy a new PC, Microsoft is the obvious scapegoat when things go wrong. "When Windows fails [users]," he writes, "they elevate Microsoft to boogeyman status: a craven, profit-hungry monopoly that runs an unreliable service."

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#1 By 17855 ( at 1/24/2013 7:41:55 AM
A fewthings, 1) People hate change and Microsoft has to change occasionally to compete, Corporate America. 2) This guy is writing for a tech site and he can't maintain a Windows PC better than that? Really? He's in the wrong line of work. 3) He doesn't get Surface at all.

#2 By 655 ( at 1/24/2013 8:55:09 AM
His opening line says it all - if you buy a PC, you're effectively stuck with Windows. Sure, you could install some variation of Linux, but given that Linux doesn't (easily) run off the shelf Windows're stuck.

The alternative is to switch to Apple (which I did).

Up until a few years ago, I had no issues with Windows. But the reality is that it seems Windows easily breaks itself. Crappy hardware drivers (either from Microsoft or the hardware mfgr), LOTS of security updates, etc. I've wasted lots of weekends redoing my wife's computers because something goes awry with Windows or Office.

And the reality is...Windows 8 is DOA. it's a disaster that Microsoft doesn't want to admit to.

#3 By 8556 ( at 1/24/2013 12:02:13 PM
According to monkeyboy Ballmer Windows 8 struggles are everyone else's fault. I believe that thousands of "partners" shared their advice and wisdom to allow end customers to customize at setup so the Start screen is available but have the choice of using the traditional interface by default. Instead MS forced the dual UI onto uneducated users. This has annoyed many Windows 8 loaded PC OEM retail customers. But, it has allowed my business to optimize the Windows 8 experience for unhappy customers that bought cheap Windows 8 PCs elsewhere so it runs the way they want it to.

Ballmer is a psychopath and has been turning the entire company in the same direction. Agree or leave. MS used to listen to others. Now they "know" what's best thanks to Ballmer's destructive guidance. They were told that not enough touch screens would be available. Why listen to customers that know their business best?

#4 By 17855 ( at 1/24/2013 3:19:51 PM
#2 - Security through obscurity... interesting.

#3 - Yeah, yeah, yeah. and Windows XP is still the best OS MS ever produced...

I for one enjoy the Start screen. It takes the same number or fewer mouse clicks to access any of your applications. Just because it "looks" different doesn't mean its a disaster. Yes you have to relearn a few things but it's worth it.

#5 By 8556 ( at 1/24/2013 4:34:51 PM
#4 I use Windows 8. How else would I have learned how to set it up for people that want to use their old OS style on a new Windows 8 machine?

Some of my customers wanted to keep the start screen. For them I moved the Desktop tile to the upper left hand corner so they could simply hit the Enter key when they wanted to boot to the desktop. The rest of the time they can play with the Start screen apps. The Bing weather and news apps are quite good. I also show customers how they can snap metro apps onto the side of the desktop to monitor them. Very little that comes with Windows 8 is intuitive for new users of it. So, we make happy customers that don't hate Windows 8.

Ballmer is still a psychopath that needs to be removed from his job. That is not an OS issue. It is reflected in his overly optimistic projections and then blaming others when they don't turn out as predicted.

#6 By 143 ( at 1/24/2013 6:22:37 PM
Windows 8 is the Jar Jar Binks of desktop.

#7 By 17855 ( at 1/25/2013 7:52:34 AM
My comment implied that you beleive that WinXP was MS best OS. Not that you haven't uses or been exposed to Vista, Win7 or Win8.

Hasn't anyone figured out that Microsoft has a tick-tock release cycle? Lets go back shall we.

Win95 - New UI, Win98 - much improved
WinME - MS had to wean people off of the legacy 9x OS's
Win2k - WinNT for the masses, WinXP - much improved (now XP should have been replaced in 2003 or 2004, but...)
Visa - all about security, Win 7 - much improved
Win8 - New UI, Win Blue?

You can replay this thread for any of of the ticks, and everyone loves the tocks. This is just a summary as I see it. You could go into infinately more detail with any of these products, thats not my point.

WinME was only produced to "prompt" people away from Win 9x OS's and development. I believe it was "bad" on purpose.

#8 By 2 ( at 1/25/2013 2:14:08 PM
After my HTC 8x Windows Phone crashed and my Microsoft became corrupt, and I could receive no support, yes, I hated Microsoft for a little bit.

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