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  The XPocalypse Begins: Windows XP Hacked to Spread Malware
Time: 05:55 EST/10:55 GMT | News Source: Softpedia | Posted By: Erick Cordero

Security company TrapX Security warns that a number of Windows XP devices have been infected to spread malware and help cybercriminals steal documents and other sensitive data.

TrapX says that malware was injected into terminal scanners running Windows XP Embedded belonging to a Chinese manufacturer, with the infection then being used to send scanned data, such as origin, destination, contents, value, to, and from details, through an established comprehensive command and control connection (CnC) to a Chinese botnet that was terminated at the Lanxiang Vocational School located in the “China Unicom Shandong province network.” The malware, which is called “Zombie Zero,” appears to be exploiting Windows XP systems and is triggered once the scanners are connected to a wireless network.

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