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  Microsoft readies $199 Windows 8 laptop and $99 tablet to combat Chrome OS and Android: Will this plan work?
Time: 01:18 EST/06:18 GMT | News Source: *Linked Within Post* | Posted By: Erick Cordero

It appears Microsoft has finally admitted to itself that the Google Chromebook laptops are a real threat that could damage the Windows business more than how it is already damaged due to Windows 8. In light of Google's onslaught on Microsoft's core business, the company is hoping to keep ahead by having its partners release cheap Windows-based devices.

This wouldn't be the first time Microsoft has to up against an adversary that wanted to combat Windows with cheap laptop devices running a none Windows operating system. In the past, we saw the rise of the Netbook; however, at the time these devices were running Linux based operating systems. The move proved popular among manufacturers, and this forced Microsoft to get involved and completely remove Linux as a threat.

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