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  Microsoft Talks More About Next Version of Windows
Time: 01:20 EST/06:20 GMT | News Source: Toms Hardware Guide | Posted By: Erick Cordero

Tony Prophet, corporate vice president of Windows Marketing, provided some insight about what Microsoft plans to implement in the next version of Windows, namely Windows 9 Threshold. He said the company is "hard at work" on the next-generation OS, which backs up claims that Microsoft is pushing to get Windows 9 out to customers as quickly as possible.

For starters, Prophet said that the new Start Menu will be better because it will have Live Tiles and Modern UI apps. This we already know thanks to the screenshot provided by Microsoft during BUILD 2014 in April, and the more recent leaks surrounding Windows 9. But the timing of the new Start Menu is unknown. It will either find its way into Update 2 slated to launch next month, or Windows 9, which could arrive as a public beta in Q4 2014 followed by the full release in April 2015, according to some reports.

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