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  Microsoft's Open Interoperability Gamble Rolls New Dice
Time: 09:42 EST/14:42 GMT | News Source: | Posted By: Robert Stein

Faced with the reality of a future where Windows is neither its flagship brand or cash cow, Microsoft’s journey to a cloud and services-centric world means it will be happy enough if users centre their world around Office 365, Bing, Azure, OneDrive and Skype — even if they use an iPhone or other Android/Linux device to do so. Establishing this new firmament in the eyes of the always-critical software application developer community was always going to be tough. The firm created its CodePlex free and open source project hosting site back in 2006 with some considerable success. Developers have been able to create software projects to share and download (but let’s say ‘collaborate’ because Microsoft would prefer us to) with others.

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