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  * Exclusive: Official Longhorn Name is Windows Vista
Time: 20:56 EST/01:56 GMT | News Source: | Posted By: Robert Stein

You heard it first here! The official new name for the Longhorn operating system is Microsoft Windows Vista, according to our insider sources. The name was mentioned today at the Microsoft sales conference in Atlanta. The official announcement will go live at 6 AM PST. The press release will be live here at this time. Bink has followed up our lead by posting the Microsoft domain registration. Microsoft Watch has done a nice follow up to our story.

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#26 By 1053139 ( at 3/22/2013 1:12:13 AM
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#27 By 1167068 ( at 5/29/2013 3:47:01 PM

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#50 By 1053139 ( at 7/13/2014 7:04:12 AM

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