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  * New High Resolution Microsoft Windows Vista February 2006 CTP Build 5308 Screenshots Gallery - Updated!
Time: 03:00 EST/08:00 GMT | News Source: | Posted By: Robert Stein

We have posted up some screenshots of the new Microsoft Windows Vista February 2006 Community Technical Preview Build 5308. These shots show IE 7, installing, welcome center, system properties, windows gadgets, the desktop, WMP 11, Windows photo gallery, sidebar (different skins), and Flip 3D. Screenshots were provided in part by Utaks and Windows Connected. Updated: We have just posted ten new, additional screenshots. These new shots are of Flip 3d, games, and a variety of other features. Check them out!

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#26 By 23275 ( at 2/23/2006 10:05:36 AM
#28, LOLOL At least I got a smile out of this thread...

Naively, I am hoping the guys at MS read this board and go club the bunnies in the art dept.

Don't worry, Not Parrkkkkker will cry on his own - just as soon as he see's what I have seen.
Cuz all the fluffer-butter would gag a maggot. I had a dream last night - Bill and Stevo went through the art dept with mouse cords whipping the art director. I had to stare into a Windows Server 2003 screen for a few moments - just to de-tox to be able to sleep.

I'm still hoping I will wake up and find that this is all a bad dream...

I mean look, even what some are saying is cool, isn't! The multiple thumbs of pages in tabs to visualize the pages one has open.... ok, so I have to mouse over there, click this chicklet and see and select the page I want. Uh... NO. I'd long have been able to alt-tab-release and been on the desired page weeks before I could snoozy my way up to said chicklet.

Same with the address bar, at least a millionth of a second further away. When you are used to making a machine fly so fast most people have no ability to keep up with what they are seeing, this stuff matters - a lot and the whole dang thing just stinks. Some dang body got loose with the crayons and went nuts and all that candy had better stop, because I feel just ill and need to check into a clinic to have my blood sugar tested.

#28, I am objective, or try to be. When they get it right and it can be used to help people, I call it, when it sux [and this all does sux HARD], I call that, too. I mean, I have to support this crap and I just got a whole host of 40 to 50 somethings really cruising - they and their aging eyes are gonna hate this - "Oh...Heck NO..." was a response from the most forward thinking early to adopt all technology customers I have. He was just ill, too. He's ordered a Solaris based machine, today, too.

Our collective response - "focus on the environment and get the heck out of our way so we can work." Microsoft listened to everyone except the people that sign the "FRONT SIDES" of checks. They ignored us in the case of Vista and IE 7. Some of our clients - top shelf aesthetics surgeons, said, "It's offensive." "It hurts the eyes" - they're right, too - it does.
They need a theme manager, or something very simple that allows one to turn off all the hand holding and screen eating extra information.

#27 By 23275 ( at 2/23/2006 10:06:33 AM
And finally for any OEM builders - just you wait... when Vista, using/leveraging advanced speed step and advanced power management displays that the user of the machine is running at 1.8 GHz, vice the 3.0, or 3.2 GHz that you sold them... count on a lengthy explanation opposite speed step and how to turn it off - the OS will often, at least as it does now, report incorrectly - with just the currently running speed, vice the potential and it offers no explanation as to what is happening. Lay users will only see that they are not running at the power they thought they bought and the costs of that will be broken off in the asses of OEMS like me. As I said, it just stinks. If I wanted an apple, I'd have bought an apple and chanted in the streets. BTW, in the 60's I wore a crew cut and despised that generation that abandoned their responsibilities as citizens. FF is just ugly, #28. Bunyan, naive and ugly - it's the modern secularist commit to nothing approach that will destroy us all thinking that does that - produces that kind of minimalist implementation. It takes no stand. IE 6 was/is "elegant" beautiful, because it is linear. None of the stepping and non-linear grouping that thrash the eyes as IE 7 does. I have been forcing myself to use IE 7, because I know I will have to support it, too. I can't stand it. Oh, and the size of the dang controls in the pictures in Vista - what in God's name is that garrish mess? It's huge - looks like some massive VCR from 1970. I'll be over here for a while.

#28 By 23275 ( at 2/23/2006 10:19:42 AM
#29, Dude, we're eating Nexium like freaking skittles over here. We've loaded the hot water heater with Pepto and as testors, partners, advocates and salesmen [for MS], we have tried all that and been ignored.

At this point, at least for a couple of days...we are entitled to a little emotional response.

In fact, it seems like that is all anyone at MS DOES respond to - emotions and responses baed upon them - that's what appears to have driven this.

Now, no doubt - no question at all - I am certain that the code under all this cotton candy is gorgeous and I am equally certain that a few of those devs are as bummed as we are - to have that beautiful work represented like this.

So, my sincerest hope is that MS will hear us , too and provide clear ways to tone down some of the candy, syrup, and dripping goo that has polluted their work. I mean, MCE's Royale look - clean, crisp, bright, and out of the way is elegant and did I say, out of the way?

Oh no... emotion....ok we get it.. We sure do - that is all they listen to. I mean this board is peppered with it - wild stuff all the time - precious little science, or fact, just "feelings" well..
MS need to know, 40 million devs and as many more integrators do not like all this "in your face" crap. No more than we do any attempt by Next, *nix, or any other knock-off that tries to do the same. There is no balance here - not in IE 7, Office Live, or Vista, it just offends to give guys like Paul T. something to coo about - the part they understand. We don't want that - we want an environment where we can run OUR applications easily. People think the DOT Net Bubble burst because of business and market factors. That is BS. It burst when and how it did when each of the major players mashed together one clutter-hut after another.
They forgot that above all, a web application is a miny environment - push crap in people's faces and that is lost and so too is the path to the interactions that result in transactions and revenue. The same is happening now in OS'es.

This post was edited by lketchum on Thursday, February 23, 2006 at 10:23.

#29 By 3746 ( at 2/23/2006 11:09:44 AM
someone has way too much time on their hands.

#30 By 7754 ( at 2/23/2006 12:27:29 PM
lketchum... I've always respected your posts and am glad to see you posting again. I think your response is a little over-the-top, though. I have some gripes with the UI also--many, in fact--but it's not THAT bad. You keep saying it's bubble-gummy and has gratuitous special effects... I really don't find that to be the case. Can you give an example? I think it's more the opposite--sure, there are effects (as there always has been in Windows--witness the fade-in menus in 2000, for example), but I'd say they are understated--and probably to the chagrin of folks like Paul Thurrott and others who wanted something more. On principle, I agree--the effects, even if they look "cool" at first, tend to get in the way, and you end up turning them off instead. But on the other hand, I think visual cues can be beneficial, and things like the quick fade on closing out windows give a polish to the interface that makes it more pleasant to use. Some people won't care--much like some people never put a picture up in their office. But some do, and I think Microsoft is at least trying to address the ever-present criticism that Windows looks unpolished. I'm really not going to get that bent out of shape over the "pearl" vs. a button "that should have 'Start' written on it."

I think IE 7 is also an improvement, on the whole. I love tabs... I'm not sure why you're so against them, but you can still hit Ctrl + N (or right-click) for the new window. It takes two clicks to get around to different pages using the MDI of IE 6 and previous versions, but only one in IE 7. Plus, you can save all your open sites in one step--a fantastic thing if you need to turn off your computer, and a real chore in IE 6 or before. Printing is MUCH better. Security is much better. To my mind, the interface is mostly an improvement, though I think the way they buried the Tools menu (unless you toggle the File menu on with the alt key) is strange. I'm all for getting more space--getting it out of the way, right? I've had trouble tweaking the IE 6 UI the way I want it. I find that less so with IE 7, but I wish I get those icons on the tabs row out of the way. I also wish that they left both the forward and back drop-down histories, instead of just the back (next to the forward, of all places!).

I'm not sure what Microsoft can do--Windows is routinely bashed for an "ugly UI" by some, but it sounds like you would prefer them not to change anything. In fact, functionality being equal, it sounds like you'd prefer them to keep things rather spartan looking.

#31 By 20505 ( at 2/23/2006 5:37:15 PM

i'm buying vista too... gonna get me a purdy new computer and load up on the newest ms os. who knows i may even like it more than xp.

old computer with the 3GHz processor, 1gig memory and $300 video card goes to the kids.

ps - i do hope that you can turn off all of the desktop crap. maybe then it looks like my xp machines ;)

#32 By 23275 ( at 2/23/2006 7:54:39 PM
Yeah - it all really flipped me over, and intentionally, I went over the top do in a forum, what I felt was happening in the OS - "it" [Vista] is over the top.

BLUVG nailed it and I am very grateful someone did - that is, yes, I do try and be very balanced and offer both helpful observations and perhaps some benefit with a post. Reflecting on what the OS is to me - truly an environment that we the users decide what we experience....and that is, that Vista, IE 7 and I'm seeing the same in Office Live - it really is too in one's face and while I am certain, possible, I'd prefer not to have to hunt down all the ways to turn it off. XP is bad enough - where I make more than 1,000 changes [18 pages front and back on our checklists], to our builds.

What I want and have found our users - even gamers, want is "their apps and content" - by that, I mean they want to see the OS as little as possible - they want to find their applications and have those applications find their data. When they are done, or wish to switch to a new application, they want the old appplication(s) to get out of the way without the OS manifesting itself in any way.

That does not mean that we do not want Windows to contain a slew of features. It is that we want them to be transparent until we open them. We do want the controls to be nearly as transparent - that part just offends my senses in any case. So, I wanted my intentionally over the top reaction to sharly contrast with all else I had posted - to show, at least to us, how Vista was impacting us.

I know there is no changing this in Vista - it is feature complete - so now...oddly, we will be counting on third parties to not add to a Windows OS [visually], but to control it visually.

And #33, Yes, I do have a great deal of time on my hands and devote it to what matters most. After retiring twice and building a successful company, all those 20 hour days paid off and resulted in exactly that, time - to decide what I do and when I do it. That was the very reason I, a) defended those rights and b) when I had earned it, started to enjoy a few of them. I built an ability for myself and our men and our customers to work exactly the way they want and from where and when they wanted and that recurring base is astonishingly strong. In fact, we only gather each day, just to "hang out" for two hours or so and share a bit of time and catch up. The rest is virtualized. It is also true that we can make systems fly - like few people ever have - we build them and run them that way and quite literally, smoke one new high-end keyboard each, about every three months.

This one matters to me - Windows, Microsoft and frankly, this site. Each has contributed a great deal. Vista has more potential than any previous version of Windows, but I do fear that what it really is - where it really is amazing, is going to be lost in an amongst a lot of things that if people wanted them, they could add just as they do now.

There is one last side to this - Windows and Vista are not about features. They are about choices - the part that smacked me is that many of the choices appear to be made for me. That's what flew in my face.

#33 By 2459 ( at 2/24/2006 6:22:58 PM
CPUGuy -- In case your question wasn't answered, that theme is "Energy Blue" and is the default theme for Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005.

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