Headlines Most Activated Windows Resourceen Changes Tack, Making Office Suite Free on Mobile in a sign of the seismic changes underway in the tech industry, Microsoft, the world’s largest software company, said on Thursday that it would give away a comprehensive mobile edition of Office. The free software for iPads, iPhones and Android tablets will do most of the most essential things people normally do with the computer versions of the product.Bringing Office to everyone is the next step in bringing Office to everyone and on every device with the start of Office for Android tablet Preview, new Office for iPhone apps, updated Office for iPad apps and more. Microsoft's bone-conducting headset uses audio to help guide the blind around town is developing an interesting new system the company believes could radically change the way visually impaired people navigate an urban environment. The new prototype technology doesn't have an official name yet, but Microsoft refers to it as 3D soundscape technology. The assistive technology relies on three components: a smartphone, a bone conductive headset that rests over the user's ears (see image at top), and Bluetooth beacons placed throughout the city or suburb. As the blind person walks around, the headset provides a clicking noise that guides the user in the right direction and not, say, veering off the curb and onto the street. The beacons generate the directional information for the clicks.