Headlines Most Activated Windows Resourceen Renews Search Partnership With Yahoo, Revised Agreement Allows Yahoo With Increased Flexibility To Innovate Today, Microsoft announced that they are renewing the search partnership with Yahoo. But there are some major changes in the new agreement between both these companies. Microsoft will become the exclusive salesforce for ads delivered by Microsoft’s Bing Ads platform, while Yahoo will continue to be the exclusive salesforce for Yahoo’s Gemini ads platform. Yahoo will to serve Bing ads and search results for a majority of its desktop search traffic. Yes, only majority of the traffic. Not all the traffic as before. This allows Yahoo to monetize rest of the traffic using their own ad platform or sell it to Google.Windows 8.1 adoption and Microsoft app store trends Microsoft released a detailed blog post, part of a series they do each month, in which they provided a lot of information about trends in the Windows and Windows Phone Stores. We have discussed developers, apps and earnings a lot over the last two weeks for Windows Phone and part of that discussion has always pointed towards Windows 10 and universal apps. Cyanogen gets rid of Google, will put Microsoft’s apps on its version of Android is on the prowl for new partners as it moves away from Google to customize Android on its own terms. For some time now, rumors have circulated that Cyanogen would partner with Microsoft to further its modified version of the Android operating system. Cyanogen and Microsoft finally made their partnership official with the announcement that a slew of Microsoft apps will be preloaded onto Cyanogen devices from now on.Halo: Spartan Strike now available to download on Windows, Windows Phone, and iOS in 2013, Microsoft released Halo: Spartan Assault. It was one of the first major game to be released as a Universal App for Windows and Windows Phone, making possible to start playing the game on one your PC or tablet for example, and continue right where you left off on your phone. Today, Microsoft announced the availability of its second Halo mobile game, Halo: Spartan Strike. While the first game took place sometime between Halo 3 and 4, Spartan Strike takes place during the events of Halo 2.Bing's Search Share Cracks 20 Percent is still the world's dominant search engine (just ask the EU), but in the U.S., Microsoft's Bing is picking up some steam. According to data from comScore, Bing finally topped 20 percent market share in March. Google dropped 0.1 points from February, but kept its U.S market lead with 64.4 percent—three times that of Microsoft, which grew 0.3 points to 20.1 percent. Yahoo also dipped slightly to 12.7 percent, while Ask Network and AOL rounded out the top five with 1.8 percent and 1.1 percent, respectively.Windows 10 for phones build 10051 pulled for Lumia 520, 525 and 526, investigation ongoing's been a few days since Microsoft released the 10051 build for the Windows 10 for phones technical preview. If you're a proud owner of the good-old Lumia 520, 525 and 526, you'll be unable to install the update. Why? Several owners of the above-mentioned smartphones reported problems the company's forums about their issues when trying to revert back to Windows Phone 8.1. Many users reported that there smartphones were bricked when they tried to downgrade to Windows Phone 8.1 using the Windows Phone recovery tool.