Headlines Most Activated Windows Resourceen Releases Final Office Apps for Android Tablets in early January, Microsoft finally made the Office preview for Android tablets openly available for most owners of Android slates. But this week Microsoft comes back and unleashes the final tablet version for Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint. Microsoft's decision to ditch Surface is a long-overdue mercy killing for Windows RT too long it was the metaphorical unwanted litter of kittens tied in a sack just waiting for someone to ditch it in the river. Windows RT is dead, having enjoyed a cancer-ridden 'life' for longer than many people expected. Microsoft announced that it is no longer going to manufacture Surface devices, all but signing the death warrant for Windows RT.Microsoft’s new Outlook app for iOS and Android syncs all your email together Microsoft opened up Office to iOS and Android users, and now the company is adding its Outlook email service to the list of apps you can use on the two most popular mobile operating systems. The new Outlook app takes many cues from the Acompli app on which it is based to bring all your email together in one place, along with calendars, contact lists, and documents.Cyanogen gets $70 mil from Microsoft to ‘take Android’ from Google“We’re going to take Android away from Google” said Cyanogen CEO Kirt McMaster. They’re going to have help, too. A new report from The Wall Street Journal (to whom the above comment was made) notes Microsoft is making a $70 million investment in Cyanogen Inc. It’s an interesting angle, as Microsoft already makes quite a bit of money in licensing fees with regard to Android, and has their own operating system in Windows (no longer Windows Phone for mobile). The investment still leaves Microsoft with a minority stake.Spartan will not be available on Windows 7 through Microsoft is continuing to move forward with Windows 10 which aims to draw customers from the business world that are still running Windows 7. The current code-named Spartan browser that will be released on Windows 10 will not be available through Microsoft on Windows 7. While Microsoft is placing a list of familiar features from Windows 7 into Windows 10, their official support for Windows 7 ended earlier this year and the announcement of Spartan not being available on the old operating system is a natural step forward.Amazon steps on Microsoft’s toes with 'simpler' email service 'WorkMail' has launched a new cloud-based email and calendaring service in a bid to tackle Microsoft’s dominant share of workplace communications. The e-commerce giant claims that the new service, called WorkMail , offers users a more simplified way for users to email, manage contacts, share calendars and book resources. It is compatible with client software like Outlook and provides end to end encryption for users.