Headlines Most Activated Windows ResourceenCopyright (c) 1997-2003 Active Networks, IncBob Stein bob@activewin.com20031231T17091220031231T170912 Networks RSS2 feed generator (c) 2003 Active Networks and Chad MyersNew RSS 2.0 Feed available. Now with descriptions!I recently added support for RSS 2.0 feeds. I have received several complaints that our RSS 1.0 RDF implementation doesn't work or work well with certain readers. I implemented an RSS 2.0 feed for ActiveWin, ActiveGamin, ActiveXBox, ActiveHardware, and all the other Active Network sections. Included also in this updates is a brief description of the article mentioned. Frequent users will note that this is a great improvement over our 1.0 implementation which only contains a link to ActiveWin's site for that article. Click below for the feed to your favorite section! Myers