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Lots 'O Stress
Date: 12th July, 2000 -|- Time: 08:14 GMT 
This is not a good start to the day. Last night I started to feel nauseas and getting headaches. Today I feel just as bad. I think it is because to much is happening at once, I have to drive my mums car for the first time today, work and she goes on holiday tomorrow. Then while she is away my cousin and his wife are coming down so I have that to deal with. After all that I then have to go north for 3 days. ARGH! I can sense another pill popping-deep breathing - occasional stress attack couple of weeks ahead. I think it would be an idea to ring the doctors now to get an appointment.
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Day Off!!
Date: 7th July, 2000 -|- Time: 13:30 GMT
For the first time in AGES I have a Day off on a Friday! Even though it is 1:30 pm now, I am going to head into town later on today because I have to get some Contact Lens solution. I have to find some shoes as well which will be interesting, but at least it isn't raining. Diablo II and Icewind Dale is out, but I don't think I will get it today. 

Trevor Benjamin who plays for Cambridge United is being sold to Leicester City, boy are we screwed next season.
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Humble and Claustrophobic
Date: 3rd July, 2000 -|- Time: 09:23 GMT
I guess the two words in the title best describe how I feel at the moment, or best feel in general. Most times, like this morning, I feel humble in the sense that the anxiety raging through my body makes me more of a shaking wreck than a person, and claustrophobic in the sense that it sometimes feels like the whole world is so jam packed against you that there is no way to break out of it. I had a late night last night, my fault I know, but I was playing Asheron's Call until 1:30am. 

I always find that going back to work after a few days off is the worst part, because I am use to sitting here doing things on my PC and it is hard for me to want to go back "outside". Last year when I went to the doctor she just suggested that I practice breathing exercises and go out more, but I think that begs the question, I am having problems getting outside period. Ugh, what to do, what to do. I think I am going to have a shower and see if that makes me feel better. Possibly the anxiety of upcoming events it starting to get to me, even though they are at the end of the month. I think it is time to visit my normal doctor again and see what he has to say about it.
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Long Day
Date: 29th June, 2000 -|- Time: 22:29 GMT
Long day at work today as you can gather from the title of this excerpt. Started at 11am and finished at 10pm, but at least the promotion is done. I got an email today from my cousin and his wife are coming over to visit on the 21st and 22nd of July, so that is something to look forward to! Well I have an early shift tomorrow and the weekend off so I can play Asheron's Call and get the reviews of Starlancer and Pharaoh up.
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Job prospects?
Date: 28th June, 2000 -|- Time: 23:14 GMT
At work today I heard that NTL are going to be taking on 40 new people in the next 5 weeks. It might be worth while looking at that, because the pay is a lot better. A long haul day tomorrow with the new Promotion going on at Office World so I get to start at 11am and finish at 10pm. Ugh.
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