Tag Heuer Aquaracer Replica 500M Team

But in my personal observation sports replica watch is very handsome! The handsome image creates a sports watch which can absorb the eyes in the first time and confuse the consumers who have a little knowledge of the wristwatch. Further dissecting, the sports watch needs to be a tough shell, durable and robust inside, which is also an option for the pursuit of practical wristwatch fans as a must-have watch in life.

This time, we're talking about replica Tag Heuer Aquaracer 500M

The Aquaracer 500M U.S. commemorative edition is the same as the wristwatch worn by members of the oracle team

The Imitation Watches came out mainly because, in 2012, Tag Heuer became the official partner of the 34th American team, the ORACLE of America, in which it celebrated its watch with. As with many other brands and sports partners, it is not only to hope for mutual benefit, but also to expand the visibility of the brand. Another reason is that, through co-operation, the players are able to test their watches with a wrist watch. Seriously, it has to be a material brand to have the guts.

The Aquaracer 500M American cup commemorative plate is just as hard to imagine as Tag Heuer's wristwatch provided to ORACLE players.

A practical rotating watch circle

The rotating Imitation Watch circle is now a must-have design for many sports watches, originally designed to assist divers with the design of oxygen memory, which is also very helpful in sailing.

Watch turns the original design is to provide a diver countdown from the back of the oxygen barrels stock can support how long, and is also the concept of reciprocal nature can be used in calculating ship through the starting line of time.

In addition to the functional help, the Aquaracer 500M Team USA America cup commemorative edition of the rotary replica swiss watches circle, has the corner design, also has substantial help to the operation.

Special red exhaust helium valve

The ten o 'clock position is designed to be a red line of helium valve, red mainly for the ORACLE team to pay tribute to the specially designed color.

The watch is engraved with the ORACLE logo

The replica Aquaracer 500M Team USA cup commemorative edition emphasizes absolute practicality. It's about getting people to actually wear and accept the challenges of life. In particular, please let me emphasize again that Tag Heuer looks at the specifications of the diving watch, and the watch should be able to keep the pressure of 500 meters, and it is better to maintain the strength of the case with metal. Using metal caps is a very logical practice.

Chain watch buckle adjustable length

Watch chain belt buckle can through the special design of fine-tuning band length, different from rubber band or leather watch band, watch with a very porous can adjust the length with his fat, chain belt usually adjusted to fit the wearer of the wrist thickness length.

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