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XiRCON v1.0 beta 4

The newest release from XiRCON, one of the most popular IRC chat clients, is version 1.0 beta 4. XiRCON is dwarfed in popularity only by the great mIRC, which sports a more simple ang GUI setup.

If you don't know, IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat, and is a way of chatting with others across the internet. In terms of looks, IRC chat looks similar to the chat feature of AOL, though XiRCON makes it looks darker somehow.

Installing XiRCON is a breeze, it uses the Install Wizard that most Windows programs use. All it takes is basically a few clicks on the "Next" button and your ready. After installation is through though, your far from ready to start chatting. If there's one thing XiRCON isn't short on, it's customization. This can be good or bad, depending on how familiar you are with IRC and XiRCON. Power Users will appreciate the flexibility and customization, but newbies might find it a little confusing.

All in all I really liked XiRCON, but I've been using IRC to chat for almost a year. For someone who is new to the scene it might be too hard and confusing to setup, and they might want to head over to If you do decide to get XiRCON, make sure you also get the add-on Syntax from

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