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Hurricane '98

Reviewed by Sean Murray

At first I wasn't going to write this review, but I decided I might as well since I had nothing better to do. I want to make it clear though that the following only happened on my computer, and since I know people who have had good experiences with Hurricane 98, you might want to try it for yourself.

This is going to be a very short review, since I never really got Hurricane 98 to work on my computer anyway. After I first installed it my Windows wouldn't even start back up. It would come in to the Windows environment (ie: Explorer.exe) but then would run so slow it couldn't even load all the programs. After I restarted the computer a nice little message came up during the boot up. It said that Hurricane 98 has noticed I didn't shutdown my computer right last time, and was wondering if I wanted to run the speed start thing that came with it. I said no, and Windows booted up fine that time. It was still very slow though, but that might be due to the fact I only have 32 megs RAM. Another thing I didn't like was that it came with the same monitoring software that came with Nuts & Bolts 98, which you can tell from my review of it, I didn't like.

All in all Hurricane 98 didn't do what it was supposed to, which was speed up my computer. In fact it did just the opposite. I still want to stress though that since I had heard so many good things about the program before I bought it, that I might have just had a bad copy. Or more likely, my computer is a piece of junk.

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