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Nuts & Bolts 98

Reviewed by Sean Murray

Well, where can I start. I might as well tell you right off the bat that I absolutly HATED this program. It is a wanna-be Norton Utilities, but falls way short of their goal.

I was expecting so much from this program, since it was made by the same McAfee that made the great McAfee Virus Scan. At first I thought it would be a nice piece of software. It had a neat looking GUI setup program, and some cool sounds too. In fact, it all looked good until the reboot after installation. But after that it all went down hill. For starters the icons were the lowest quality I had ever seen. I mean, I could've created better in less then 10 minutes. And second of all, all the menus looked like knock-offs of the ones in Norton Utilities, and they didn't do a very good job of it even.

On the box Nuts & Bolts claims to have more features, and work better the NU. But either these "features" are very well hidden, or they don't exist. Because all I saw were basicly the same stuff as in NU with a different name.

The Performance of Nuts & Bolts isn't very impressive either. For those of you who have NU you know about the System Doctor. This program is very nice. It lets you have control over all the sensors you have running, not to mention that it consumes very little memory and CPU percentage. Nuts and Bolts has it's own version of System Doctor, but they decided to go a different route. The tried to make it look like System Doctor, but they some how made it consume almost twice the memory and CPU percentage at the same time. Which of coure slows down your PC dramaticly.

I'll admit that McAfee did a great job with Virus Scan, but when it comes to a Utilities Package, they should definitely leave it to Norton.

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