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Phantasmagoria 2 - Big Book Of Tractors

Phantasmagoria 2 - Funny Animations

  • In the third chapter, when you will find yourself in the network room in the Wyntech offices
  • Click the screwdriver on Curtis five times, then click the hammer on Curtis once for some funny animation.

Phantasmagoria 2 - Batman

  • In the psychiatrist's office in the fourth chapter, before you talk to Dr. Harburg, click your wallet on the framed diploma
  • You will receive a pop-up box that asks "Who ARE you?"
  • Type batman and press Enter
  • After you have spoken to Dr. Harburg, and she has recorded her notes, she'll say "Next!"
  • You'll see one of the filming crew leap in, dressed as Batman

Phantasmagoria 2 - Arcade Games

  • When you're in the Wyntech offices in Chapter Four accessing Warner's computer, log in as Trevor
  • Use bellybutton as the password
  • You will gain access to three arcade games!

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