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Hints and Tips

Easter Eggs

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Winamp 2.xx - See Developer Justin's Face

Winamp 2.xx - Hidden Message

  • Start Winamp go to Preferences and click on the Visualization tab
  • Scroll down and select Vis_Mux and click Configure
  • You'll notice a small pi sign in the bottom-right corner
  • Double-click the pi sign to reveal the hidden message

Winamp 2.xx - Funny Message & Cat Image

  • Start Winamp
  • Type in nullsoft, pressing the Esc key after every "l"
  • If you do that correctly, you should see a message It really whipps the llama's ass
  • But wait, there's more!
  • Go to Winamp's About box
  • Click on the Credits tab
  • Wait and you should see a picture of a cat
  • If you try another skin like Fusion for example, and try the "nullsoft" trick, you'll get another message!

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