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Name: Bill Gates
Age: 13

Active Network User Information:
User Level: Banned
User Number: 10621
Number of Posts: 0
Member Since: 9/25/2002 5:01:19 PM

With a hexeditor edit a copy of winlogon.exe (c:\windows\system32\winlogon.exe) Change position 39662h (or 39660h sometimes) 8B D1 57 33 C0 ..... with these bytes C7 06 01 00 00 00 83 EE 04 C3 Save and then replace the original winlogon.exe with the newone. Must be replaced at c:\windows\system32 and c:\windows\system32\dllcache In order be able replacing these files you must boot winxp in SAFE mode, or out from XP (real DOS, win98, etc). Now XP HOME or PRO are activated.

Email address: BANNED@BANNED.COM
AOL Screen Name: BGates

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