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replica rolex watch, the appearance of detailed review

The biggest highlight of the new version of the Replica Rolex in 2015 is the perfect solution to the problems associated with the ceramic ring. Other questions about the clasp are the further optimization of the details. There's nothing to say about ceramics Circle of the problem, as early as in early 2014 to find a way to solve. This manufacturer does not seem to be able to do with the metal processing plant and mosaic night pearl factory to do the perfect docking, complete the production of ceramic ring. But also because of the higher cost of its most important is the transport costs and loss of transport problems.

On the ceramic ring process

Rolex's original version of this process is registered with a patent document, called CERACHROM word technology, the biggest difficulty of this technology lies in the hardness and brittleness of the grasp, too soft is prone to corrosion, while making the top of the night in the pearl is not solid The It is easy to become brittle in the processing or use prone to cracking, or crack phenomenon, in May 2014 this problem has been a perfect solution.

replica rolex watch

Two: color & vacuum precipitation technology

But the genuine use of platinum PVD technology in most of the time is presented in white, in other words, the white is closer to the original solution, which is why the original choice of paint color is white instead of silver, and finally found in the chrome & silver Mixed coating under the effect is the closest to the platinum, but also the closest to the authentic submarine of the technology. While the use of vacuum precipitation technology can effectively solve the color overflow and some other details. Our model overflows quite a few on the outer ring, and is almost negligible even in the case of macro cameras.

So there is no doubt that this Update is very successful. Is also worth mentioning. With regard to literal upgrades,

In the literal system, try to make replica Rolex watches embossed effect. This is a small advice from overseas buyers, of course, have to say that this improvement is quite successful. At least I think it looks like Rolex Logo gray more three-dimensional, but also can be regarded as replica watches the most beautiful Rolex Logo

About the clasp update

Redefining the Fake Rolex clasp production process, in the past version of the black button almost become AAA replica watches representatives, which can often be achieved through two means,

The first kind will be finished when the blasting is finished, the laser is colored. This is undoubtedly the most simple and quick way, but also to make the clasp more clear way,

Or in the case of the clasp for the polishing, the carving, and then sandblasting so that although the inside can also have the effect of sandblasting, but the yield is low, and easy to make the buckle looks not clear, but also Not pretty enough

Official Rolex

This time to change the relevant process, the buckle first simple sandblasting, and then the depth of carving, carving done once again after a sandblasting, so that makes the clasp of the Logo to ensure a clear state, while the color also No distortion will occur. About sapphire mirror technology.

I believe that friends know Rolex know, 6:00 position is a hidden crown bit. Only in the special light to see, this is a lot of mirror processing plants can not do the process, if the point directly hit the mirror can not be achieved on the hidden, in fact, the difficulty lies in the anti-reflective coating is different, AR "to enhance the level of anti-reflective coating, making its more reflective ability, the perfect realization of the hidden crown function. Have to say that this is Replica watches in the anti-counterfeiting technology on the historic revolution.

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