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Microsoft and Anti-Trust Action Part 2

This is the letter I had promised from Senator Hatch. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did.

Dear Mr. Worthington:

Thank you for expressing your concerns about the antitrust action suit against Microsoft.

Let me first say that Microsoft deserves credit for its tremendous success in the computer operation systems market. Microsoft s growth has been a key factor in the success of the U.S. computer software industries, two industries which have been central forces in our new economy. I also reject suggestions that policy makers ought to be concerned about Microsoft simply because of its size, market share, and exponential growth rate. It does not, and should not, violate antitrust laws to outperform one s competitors. But Microsoft s success in the operating system market does not entitle it to a permanent, unchallenged monopoly, nor should it entitle Microsoft to a monopoly over desktop access to the Internet.

I am concerned that Microsoft appears to be abusing its Windows dominance by coercing companies to exclude competitive Internet products. For example, it has been alleged that Microsoft threatened to terminate Compaq s Windows 95 license agreement if it removed Microsoft Network and Internet Explorer icons from the desktop on all Compaq machines and replaced them with Netscape. I believe that actions like these may limit consumer choice by not allowing them to choose which Internet provider they want included on their new computers. Microsoft s actions may have broken antitrust laws, and I support the Justice Department s investigation. As the Judiciary Committee has oversight responsibilities for antitrust law, I plan to continue the ongoing inspection of Microsoft s business practices. This examination will look at the broader issed surrounding competition and innovation in an effort to make policies that will allow for fair, unencumbered competition.

Again, thank you for contacting me regarding this issue. I am grateful for your input.


Orrin G. Hatch

United States Senator

I believe that I will let that speak for itself. One conclusion I have made is that he has no comprehensive plan and evidence to stick with.

Any questions or comments are welcomed.

David C. Worthington

My Opinions are not necessarily thoughts of ActiveWindows.

PS: You can reach Senator Hatch at the following:

Robert L. Dibblee

Administrative Assistant

135 Russel Senate Building

(202) 224-5251

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