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Windows 98 Update Feature Starts Improving

Testing has started on a new feature that will alert users who run the Windows 98 operating system to critical updates as soon as they connect up to the Internet, Microsoft said. Windows Update, a new feature of Windows 98, scans the user's system and offers necessary files like bug patches as well as accessory downloads like wallpapers and screensavers.

So far, the site has been only been used to distribute important patches for Internet Explorer security issues and a few multimedia updates for Windows 98, including DirectX 6.0. The Critical Update Component will be an expanded feature of Windows Update. It will alert users of any new security updates or patches as soon as it detects that the users system is connected to the Internet.

The Critical Update Component was posted to Windows 98 beta tester sites Thursday, and will be available via the Windows Update site when it is ready for release.

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