ICQ 99 Feature List

*Message History - Contains the message history, the message archive and advanced find.

--- Message Archive - In the past History saved selected communication events such as incoming/outgoing url, messages. Now you have record of every communication event you sent or received.

--- Advanced Find - A thorough search through your Archive.

--- Print - You can print your events from your archive.

* Random Chat - The feature is more detailed.
* White Pages - The ultimate ICQ search engine for finding ICQ users according to a wide variety of search criterium.
* User Info - You can advertise more personal information and retrieve more information from other ICQ users.
* Birthday - Retrieve the birthdate of your friends and announce your own. By doing so your friends will be reminded of the occasion.
* The ICQ Home Page Factory - Create your own ICQ homepage. When you log on, other ICQ users could visit your ICQ site.
* Homepage Directory/ Category - List your homepage under a category so that other ICQ users who share your interest can find you.

* Plug Ins - See the added events to the ICQ client:
--- Greeting Cards - Send your ICQ friends an ICQ Greeting through the ICQ servers.
--- Voice Message - Send your ICQ Friends voice messages.

* ICQ Email - The email feature is much developed. In addition to the existing options you can now send email through ICQ.
--- Email - ICQ messages that contain more than 450 characters automatically launch the ICQ Email.
--- Forward by Email - You can forward messages you received by ICQ, by email.
--- Copy Email - You can copy your email messages.

* Colored Messages - You can color your messages so the recipient will get a colorful notice from you.
* Sound Effects - You can configure sound effects for typing your messages.
* Groups - You can organize people on your contact list in groups (co-workers, friends, family etc.)
* LDAP - You can search for people in other email directories.
* Alert / Accept Mode - Configure new sounds to your incoming events and various alerts.
* Global Online Alert - When a user logs online there will be a knocking sound, an icon will flash in your system tray and the user's name will flash in on your list.
* Sound Schemes - New sound schemes are available for you to configure with ICQ.
* Improved Phone Features - More options for regular telephony.

* New Services:
--- Phone Available Status - You can state your availability by phone through the Services buttons.
--- Reminders - Set ICQ to remind you of future events and activities.
--- Notes - Write yourself memos and notes to leave on your screen.
--- ToDo - Organize what you have to do in a reminding system.

* WebSearch - You can now search the web through the ICQ client. You can also get an update on things, translate words into other languages, find definitions for words and more.
* Word List Filter - You can filter incoming events from words you find abusive.

* Chat:
--- Chat Playback - You can save your chat session and play it back later.
--- Chat Actions/Emotions - You can insert actions and gestures into your chat from a preset array.

* Much, much more!!

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