Hardware Week In Review - 22nd -27th November 1998


* Kick Engine Tech Demo 1 Final Released
* Terminator Beast WinNT 4.0 Drivers and BIOS
* Aureal A3D Interactive v. 2.02 Drivers
* Intel740 Graphics Accelerator Drivers for Win95/98
* Windows 95 Patch for K6-2 Chips Now Free
* Turtle Beach Montego II to go on sale
* Shogo Source and LithTech Tools


* Matrox Millennium G200 Win 95 & 98 Beta Drivers (1.6MB)
* Dragon 4000 (Banshee) Drivers
* Sound Blaster Live! Drivers (2.6MB)
* 3DFX MiniGL (215KB)

Voodoo Extreme

* MiniGL Benchmarks
--- 3DfX Minigl 1.46 demo2 43.8 29.6 (640x480/800x600)
--- Halflife 3dfx.dll demo2 43.9 29.9 (640x480/800x600)
* Gigapixel chip (a 3D graphics core currently in development).
* GameCenter high powered PC roundup
* Ask GameMasterB
* Savage3D first look
* AMD - Past, Present, and Future Article
* 3DMark Review
* F-16 Multirole Banshee patch
* STB Motherboards
* Bill's Workshop have updated their Banshee FAQ
* 3Dfx's Voodoo3 Peview
* Quantum3D has released new NT4 drivers (v1.
* 3Dfx Interview
* nVidia Interview
* Banshee Review
* Keeping your Voodoo2 cool Article


* AMD K6-2 400CXT Reviews
* Supermicro S2DGU


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