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Asheron's Call Beta to End with Death
By Dennis Gregory

Cities Destroyed Destroyed! Microsoft conducting "Event Technology Test"!

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MSN Gaming Zone has a brand new contest regarding the end of the beta and you can read about it here.

Earlier today around Noon on October 21st, a red comet (see below)  was observed by Asheron Callers.

From Crossroads of Dereth

Microsoft had this to say about what they play for the end of the beta:
"In the next few days, as Open Beta wraps up, we're going to fire up an “Event Technology Test” -- a dry run at using some of the features and systems that will help us tell the ongoing story of Dereth and Asheron. This isn't a full “chapter” of the story by any means; this is literally something a few of us built over the past few days just to see how flexible and powerful our tools could be. We think the results are pretty neat. "

Thanks to Bob Perez from the MS public newsgroups for this quote.

This was not a big suprise to most of the gamers as sites all across the internet posted earlier that week that this was going to happen (ActiveWindows did as well). However, most of the sites did not know what exactly was going to happen, ActiveWindows posted the day before it was going to happen along with its Asheron's Call review that Shoushi was going to be hit by a comet. Sure enough it did.

Comet Hitting Shoushi

AC Vault had this to say about what was going to happen:
"The End is here! Bael'Zharon has been reborn. The final battle will occur in Holtburg this sat/sun. Give out all spells. Strengthen your character. Evil fountains will be appearing in all towns. DO NOT DRINK FROM IT. Resist the temptation. Fight for good. We need hundreds of fighters/archers/spellcasters to fight this epic battle. I have seen Bael'Zharon slughter countless souls with just 1 swipe of his axe. Spread the word to as many top level (40+) characters that you can. The evil must be stopped of the end will come to us all. There will be no hiding. Spread the word. "

We have received new information, the last fight will not be in one place, but rather in all the towns. The idea is to stop the evil from attacking the town you are in.

Not only Shoushi has been destroyed, but we have confirmed that Yaraq has also been destroyed. There is also a volcano in Glenden Woods. We have unconfirmed reports that Nanto has also been destroyed by a comet. Here are some screenshots of what we found:

Shoushi's Crator

Yaraq Crator

Glenden Wood Volcano

ActiveWindows will continue to keep you updated on this latest developments of Asheron's Call.

Thank you to all of our sources, which we have quoted and given credit to.


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