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Microsoft Scores Big With New PC Sports Games

Priced at an ERP of Only $19.99, "NFL Fever 2000" and "NBA Inside Drive 2000"

REDMOND, Wash. - Aug. 18, 1999 - Get off the couch and into the game! Take it to the hoop or run it into the end zone with "NBA Inside Drive 2000" and "NFL Fever 2000" from Microsoft Corp., scheduled to be available in stores Aug. 26th. The announcement comes as exciting news to sports enthusiasts and PC gamers eager to experience the life-like intensity and excitement these titles bring to the PC for an estimated retail price of only $19.99 each (actual retail prices may vary). With the simultaneous release of "NFL Fever 2000" and "NBA Inside Drive 2000," gamers receive double the action-packed, hair-raising gameplay Microsoft's sports lineup has to offer.

The introduction of "NFL Fever 2000" and "NBA Inside Drive 2000" solidifies Microsoft's place in the PC sports games marketplace. These high-quality titles demonstrate the company's commitment to providing quality games that can be enjoyed by any sports fan.

" 'NFL Fever 2000' and 'NBA Inside Drive 2000' capture the intensity of professional sports," said John Rodman, product manager, Home Retail Division, Microsoft. "We are tremendously excited that both titles will be on store shelves, providing hard-core sports fans and gamers of all skill levels with the most true-to-life sports game experiences available at an affordable price."

"NFL Fever 2000" is an arcade-style football game that captures all the roughness and toughness of NFL football. Fully licensed by the NFL, the realistic moves, authentic action and graphically rich 3-D environment re-create the excitement and intense head-to-head gameplay of the NFL. Giving users the ability to tackle, hit hard, and see and hear the fast-paced spirit of competition, "NFL Fever 2000" provides a gaming experience that's the next best thing to being on the field.

"NFL Fever 2000" introduces several new features that add to the authenticity and excitement of the game. All 31 NFL teams, complete with logos, players, uniforms and stadium, are represented, and real-time commentary is provided by NFL broadcasters Dick Stockton and Matt Millen. In addition, the game is endorsed by Jacksonville Jaguars' quarterback Mark Brunell.

Players are put in the middle of bone-jarring action with dynamic instant replays and sound effects, including cheers from the crowd and on-field trash-talking. The animations in "NFL Fever 2000" are so true to the NFL experience that players can perform their favorite celebrity moves such as Merton Hanks' "Chicken Dance" and Ken Norton Jr.'s "Punching Bag" routine.

Casual and hard-core fans of the NBA will be blown away by "NBA Inside Drive 2000," which captures the high-stakes competition of the sport. Fully licensed by the NBA and endorsed by Ray Allen, star shooting guard of the Milwaukee Bucks, this high-quality, action-packed game succeeds in duplicating the grace and athleticism of NBA basketball. "NBA Inside Drive 2000" is easy to use, yet its realistic design is both challenging and exciting for the novice and advanced PC gamer. Solid graphics and outstanding audio combined with real-time analysis and insight by familiar NBA announcers Kevin Calabro and Marques Johnson offer the ultimate in basketball gaming. "NBA Inside Drive 2000" transports players onto the court and delivers a rim-rattling NBA experience for the PC.

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