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Visual J++ Not Quite Dead

By now I imagine some of you have read news reports indicating Microsoft has sold Visual J++ to another company. I want to make it clear that these articles are in error. We absolutely have not - and have no plans - to sell off the Visual J++ product. Visual J++ 6.0 is the most widely used Java development tool, and we look forward to its continued success in the market.

These articles were most likely the result of confusion around announcements connected with the Visual Studio Integrators Program (VSIP). VSIP allows third party vendors to build compilers and related tools that integrate directly into the Visual Studio environment. As a member of this program, Rational announced they would be producing a Java compiler that will run inside Visual Studio. This product will be completely designed, developed, and marketed by Rational and has nothing to do with Visual J++. You may be interested to know that VSIP will bring a variety of languages from other vendors to Visual Studio as well, including additional Java support by TowerJ, several versions of COBOL, and more.

We stand behind the innovations first surfaced in Visual J++ and want to see them continue. Unfortunately, there is a cloud of doubt over the industry's ability to innovate and advance Java long term. Until we receive and understand some rulings currently pending before the court hearing the Java lawsuit we cannot make announcements on future Visual J++ product strategy.


Tony Goodhew
Visual Studio Product Manager
Microsoft Corporation.


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