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Netscape Launches Next-generation Netscape 6 Browser, Available Today for Download On Netscape Netcenter

Small, Standards-Compliant, Customizable Browser Offers Unmatched Convenience Features and Ability to Stay Connected to Important Information

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Ca.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 5, 2000-- Netscape 6, Powered by Cross-Platform/Cross-Device Gecko Browser Engine, to Extend Users' Access of the Web from Traditional PCs to a New Class of Easy-to-Use Web Appliances

Netscape Communications, a subsidiary of America Online, Inc. (NYSE: AOL - news), today announced the worldwide availability of Netscape® 6 Preview Release 1 via free download from Netscape Netcenter. The new Netscape 6 software builds upon the success and popularity of Netscape Navigator and the Company's commitment to improve and innovate its products to bring increasing value and utility to Internet users worldwide.

As a pioneer in the development of Internet technologies, Netscape is once again delivering an important new product that provides new innovations for users and a cross-platform/cross-device, open source, customizable browser that can be used by any company in the industry free of charge. Netscape 6, powered by Gecko technology, delivers cutting-edge Web standards support, including leading XML functionality, so that users can access current and new Web content and applications on multiple hardware platforms, including new home appliances with the same richness and fidelity available on PCs. This will make it easier for users to access the Web and ensure a consistent browsing experience across traditional desktops and new appliances. Netscape 6 offers users unmatched convenience features and the ability to stay connected to important information, plus the flexibility to deeply customize the browser to fit their individual needs and personality.

Jim Martin, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Netscape, said: ``Netscape is fulfilling its promise to deliver a new browser that is small in size, leads the industry in standards compliance and can run across a wide variety of platforms, from traditional desktop PCs to new computing devices. Netscape 6 raises the bar for convenience, customization, and persistent connections to key information. This next-generation browser represents a major advance in browsing designed to meet the needs of a variety of Internet audiences such as consumers, corporate users and Web developers.''

Netscape 6 is a premier gateway for delivering information and communications services across rapidly converging interactive platforms. It is based on contributions from, the organization chartered with managing Netscape's open source initiative among Internet developers and Netscape. Building on the open source code, the new Netscape Navigator in Netscape 6 was created with Netscape's new Gecko browsing engine software and Gecko Technologies, to Internet-enable a wide variety of applications and products. Netscape 6 includes significant enhancements to Netscape's popular Internet suite of applications: Netscape Navigator, Netscape Mail, Netscape Instant Messenger powered by AOL Instant Messenger, and Netscape Composer, as well as an array of new features and innovations. The streamlined new look makes it easier and more convenient for consumers to use and quickly get to the features and services they call on most often.

A Small, Fast, Standards-Compliant Browser that Runs on Multiple Platforms and Devices

Netscape 6 reverses the trend of continuously increasing the size of software with new releases. The new Netscape Navigator browser is a light 5.5MB download, about half the size of Navigator 4.08. Also, because Netscape 6 is based on Netscape Gecko, which speeds up the browsing experience for users, tables display much faster, pages resize instantly, and text information appears more quickly so users can start reading content on the page sooner.

Netscape 6 also features industry-leading standards support and is the first commercial browser to fully implement open Web standards including XML, HTML 4.0, CSS1, W3C DOM Level 0 and 1, JavaScript 1.5, and RDF, enabling developers to write once to W3C standards to build rich, dynamic Web pages and XML Web-based applications that look and run as intended across a variety of platforms and devices. In turn, this gives the consumer an even richer Internet experience by being able to view and enjoy exciting interactive content and the broadest selection of multimedia features and services. Netscape 6 is cross-platform and runs on Windows, Macintosh and LINUX computers. Through, Netscape 6 is being ported to many other operating systems including Solaris, HP/UX, AIX, and BeOS. Netscape 6 is also ideal for a new class of devices such as TV set-top boxes and appliances, especially those that run on LINUX.

My Sidebar - Keeps Users Connected to What's Important

Located on the left side of the Netscape 6 interface, ``My Sidebar'' is a ``mini'' companion browser that gives users a convenient place to keep track of the things that are important to them. My Sidebar allows users to keep the online functions and information they rely on most in one place, right at their fingertips at all times. Consumers can set up My Sidebar - which remains on the screen as long as the user is online - to read the latest news, set up a custom stock portfolio, check their Buddy Lists to use AOL Instant Messenger, and will soon be able to track auctions or listen to music. As users browse the Web, My Sidebar refreshes itself automatically to reflect updated news and information throughout the day, keeping them connected to customized information on specially created tabs. Launching today with over 500 tabs already available from Netscape and industry-leading third parties such as CNN, NYTIMES.COM, eBay and CNET, My Sidebar is a user's customized connection to the sites and people they care about. Following the release of Netscape 6, there will be many more tabs appearing, as My Sidebar architecture is open and any Web site is able to include a tab on their site and link it to My Sidebar.

Powerful Search - Fast, Convenient, Customizable and Integrated

Netscape Navigator now includes a Web search field in the main browser toolbar. Users no longer have to take the time to load a special search page or open a frame. At any time, and from anywhere on the Web, users can now type what they are looking for and simply click ``Search.'' This search field also doubles as the Web address field, so whether users have a Web address, an Internet keyword or a word or phrase to search for, they can enter it in the search/browser field to locate what they want quickly.

The Netscape Search service is powered by Google, the no.1 search engine, and Netscape's Open Directory Project, the no.1 search directory, giving users top search results. Users can, however, opt to customize their searches with their choice of different search services. Search results are also displayed in My Sidebar, giving users the flexibility to check multiple results without time consuming return trips to a search engine.

Netscape Mail - The Best Place to Manage All Internet Communications Including Multiple Mail Accounts, AOL Mail, and Instant Messaging

The new Netscape 6 is the first Internet software suite to combine browsing, e-mail and instant messaging in a seamless, integrated fashion. Netscape 6 also includes powerful new features and enhancements to make Internet communications faster, easier and more efficient. Now, whenever users want to check their e-mail, view their Buddy List, send an instant message to a friend, family member or colleague online, or update their address book and daily calendar -- everything they need is right at their fingertips from My Sidebar, or from the new browser Task Bar. There is no longer a need to load separate applications to use these communication features. In addition, the Netscape 6 Mail Address Book has been redesigned to make it easier than ever to keep track of important contact information and a new ``e-mail address collection'' feature automatically stores e-mail addresses.

The integrated Netscape Instant Messenger service is based on AOL Instant Messenger, a leading instant messaging service, and allows Netscape 6 users to communicate ``instantly'' with family, friends and colleagues whenever they are online. Netscape 6 users can participate in the AOL's global Buddy List network - the world's largest instant messaging community of over 90 million AOL members and users of branded versions of AOL Instant Messenger who exchange more than 650 million instant messages every day.

In fact, the new e-mail message screen in Netscape Mail indicates whether the sender of an e-mail message, or its recipient, is presently online. Netscape Mail users who check their e-mail can easily know who is available and can quickly respond via an instant message, rather than e-mail.

Netscape 6 Mail provides support for multiple POP, IMAP or SMTP newsgroup accounts, for users who keep business and personal correspondence separated. Netscape Mail now supports AOL Mail as well, which enables AOL users to easily access their AOL e-mail from within Netscape 6 Mail. Additionally, Netscape Mail offers a single interface to view all the accounts, with a separate inbox and folders for each mailbox, and allows users to also maintain a distinct ``identity'' when sending mail from each account.

Powerful Tools that Empower Consumers to Protect their Personal Privacy Online

The Netscape 6 Password Manager feature enables users to more easily track login names and passwords for various Web sites that require them for access, and to automatically provide the required information when necessary. This makes it easier for consumers to avoid duplicating passwords or using easily guessed passwords, common personal security lapses.

The Netscape 6 Cookie Manager allows consumers to easily view a record of every cookie placed on their hard drive and remove those that they do not want. This gives consumers the ability to allow cookies from Web sites they trust, enhancing their use of those sites, while blocking others with which they are less familiar.

Themes - Customization of the Browser's Look

Fully live in Preview Release 2, Netscape 6 Themes will offer consumers the ability to customize the appearance of the browser from a selection of different themes, and offers businesses the opportunity to create and distribute custom versions of the new browser. Netscape's new Themes are made possible by a breakthrough Gecko technology - XUL (pronounced ``zool'', the XML based User interface Language), an innovative new XML application that makes it easier than ever to develop a cross-platform, cross-device user interface. Web sites and businesses can create custom versions of the browser to best suit different customer needs. Time Warner properties will be among the many businesses that can customize their browsers. For instance, will provide a browser theme that will incorporate a CNN co-branded look and persistent access to news-related information in My Sidebar.

Best of Breed Enhancements

-- Featured in Netscape 6 is full support for the latest version of the Java 2, Platform Standard Edition from Sun Microsystems. This allows users to run full-featured applets featured on various Web sites, making the Internet experience powerful and rich. This Java support is included automatically in the complete configuration of Netscape 6, and the user can choose to install it in other configurations as well. Java support is available for Windows and integrates with Apple's MRJ (Mac OS Runtime Java).

-- The new Netscape 6 AutoTranslate feature, based upon Gist-in-Time(TM) from Alis Technologies, Inc., enables a user to instantly comprehend, in one click, Web pages written in a foreign language by automatically translating the pages into the preferred language of the user. AutoTranslate helps remove language barriers users face on the Internet by translating widely used languages.

-- Net2Phone, by Net2Phone, Incorporated, allows users to inexpensively place domestic and international calls to any telephone in the world by using their computer, saving up to 95% of the cost of traditional long distance calls. Net2Phone is integrated into the user interface of Netscape 6 for convenient access.

Netscape 6 Availability

Netscape 6 Preview Release 1 is available for download free of charge on Netscape Netcenter today at Users can download, install and preview Netscape 6 along with previous Netscape Communicator versions and have both coexist and run on their computer. Netscape 6 will import Communicator settings into Netscape 6 but will not alter any original settings.

Netscape is a leading provider of software and services for businesses that want to transform the way they create and keep customers in the emerging Net Economy. A subsidiary of America Online, Inc., Netscape is based in Mountain View, California. Additional information on Netscape is available on the Internet at, by sending e-mail to, or by calling corporate sales at 650/937-2555.

Netscape, Netscape Navigator and the Communicator logos are registered trademarks of Netscape in the United States and other countries. Other Netscape logos, product names, and service names are also trademarks of Netscape Communications, which may be registered in other countries. Other product and brand names are trademarks of their respective owners.


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