Top Ten Cool Modem Tools

Don't curse your modem: If it's giving you fits, get some relief with the proper diagnostic program. Below you'll find a selection of the ten most-downloaded modem tools from our FileWorld shareware library. With these utilities you can configure your modem or peek into the inner workings of your connections, getting a good idea of how your modem is performing and what you can do to make it work better.

  1. Modem Doctor: This diagnostic utility gives your modem a check-up. The program tests ports and IRQs and performs connection and handshake tests.
  2. NetMon: Get the lowdown on the throughput of your Internet connection; view the information by clicking the modem icon NetMon places in Windows' system tray.
  3. LinEx Lamps: Use LinEx Lamps to display real-time information about your modem's activities. The program supports internal modems and provides you with much more information than status and duration of connection. It runs from the system tray or a desktop menu.
  4. Windows Modem Status: A utility of many talents, Windows Modem Status provides modem initialization information, logs incoming calls and connections, and gives you status info plus a summary of communications settings in DOS and Windows. It can also monitor the status and activity of your system's parallel ports.
  5. Modem Speed-Meter: This utility monitors the transaction speed of modems and displays results graphically.
  6. ComSpy95: You can monitor activities on your modem and capture the data flowing in and out--especially useful for making sure that personal information, such as a credit-card number, is properly encoded before you send it.
  7. WinModem: The big disadvantage to internal modems is that they lack status lights. With WinModem you can monitor your internal modem and display its "lights" on your computer's screen.
  8. Comset: When your internal modem jams, there's not much you can do except turn off your computer--unless you have Comset, a program that does nothing more than give your modem a swift kick in the port (okay, resets it).
  9. FaxModem Wizard: Use this DOS-based reporting tool to identify your COM ports and IRQs and to get that fax modem installed correctly. Runs under DOS and Windows 3.x, 95, 98, and NT.
  10. CkComIRQ: Using this diagnostic software, you can determine which hardware IRQ assignments are made for serial ports COM1, COM2, COM3, and COM4. It checks the IRQ and tests whether the assignment is shared.

Source: CoolInfo


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