ATI Announces New RAGE Mobility (TM)-M1

TORONTO, Feb. 22 /CNW-PRN/ - ATI Technologies Inc. (TSE:ATY - news; NASDAQ:ATYT - news) today announced the addition of the new RAGE Mobility(TM)-M1 accelerator to the ATI RAGE Mobility(TM) family of graphic accelerators. The new RAGE Mobility-M1 offers 8MB of memory, the largest integrated memory solution in the industry that extends the capabilities of the ``one-component graphics sub-system solution'' first introduced by the RAGE Mobility-M graphic accelerator.

RAGE Mobility-M1 is pin-compatible with RAGE Mobility-M and P and is available in a similar package to RAGE Mobility-M, P and RAGE LT PRO. With the addition of the RAGE Mobility(TM)-M1, ATI now offers the most comprehensive family of pin-compatible, low-power, high-performance mobile graphics accelerators. The 8MB solution enables larger screen resolutions at higher color depths for crisper images, enabling 3D applications to run at 1024x768 resolutions or higher. It also enables larger screen resolutions and higher color depths for dual-display feature which requires twice the frame buffer memory. The dual- display feature allows two different images to be output to two different display devices (eg. LCD & CRT or LCD & TV).

It utilizes the two CRT controllers integrated within the ATI RAGE Mobility graphics accelerator and does not require any additional hardware. This is another significant benefit ATI mobile graphics accelerators bring to the notebook platform. In addition, 8MB helps notebook graphics subsystems achieve the best possible performance. ``ATI's addition of RAGE Mobility-M1 gives the company a well rounded mobile product family and helps notebook OEMs address specific demands of price and performance segments,'' said Seogju Lee, Research Analyst, International Data Corporation. ``Furthermore, ATI offers pin and driver compatibility across its mobile family, which allows for a uniform hardware and software design to be adapted across OEMs' entire notebook product lines.''

``With the industry's largest memory integration, the RAGE Mobility-M1 enables very compact, high-performance, low power mobile computer designs for the first time,'' said Lou Leung, director, mobile component marketing, ATI Technologies Inc. ``We can now satisfy the industry trend of moving to 8MB graphics memory in all segments with a new level of integration.''

RAGE Mobility family offers three pin-compatible components - Mobility-M1 (integrated 8MB), Mobility-M (integrated 4MB), and Mobility-P (no memory). These three components also integrate HW DVD (iDCT), TV-Encoder, LVDS, and independent, and dual, independent CRT controllers. In addition to providing no-compromise performance in 2D, 3D and DVD acceleration, the RAGE Mobility family also offers the lowest graphics sub- system power, saving up to 7 watts of system power by off-loading the CPU in graphics intensive applications such as DVD and 3D. The built-in hardware DVD circuitry (motion compensation and iDCT) enables full frame-rate software DVD playback at very low CPU utilization (less than 30% on PII 300) with no display artifacts.

Mobility's EMI solution, the best cost-effective and space-saving solution available in the market today, reduces EMI by up to 10db through the integration of the LVDS. Its software drivers support every major OS and environment, and are based on the same source code for the entire RAGE family of controllers, which offers stability and adaptability.


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