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New Microsoft USB Keyboards

Source: PC Watch & USB Workshop
USB Workshop have spotted two new Microsoft Internet keyboards over at PC Watch (a Japanese site).  I don't know Japanese.  I assume two new MS USB keyboards are announced in the Hardware Preview Conference in Japan.  The new series of keyboard is called the Internet Keyboard.  As you can see, these two keyboards share some similarities of their predecessors, Natural Keyboard and Natural Keyboard Elite. 

Microsoft Internet Keyboard Pro is compatible with USB and PS/2 connection.

Lots of buttons on this new MS keyboard.

A built-in 2-port USB hub is located at the back of the keyboard.

Images are courtesy of PC Watch.

Microsoft Internet Keyboard Pro
19 buttons on the keyboards are programmable and most of the presets are used for Internet browsing.  I can barely read some Chinese characters on the keyboards.  Some of them are refresh, stop, search, etc.  Volume controls are also part of the keyboard design.  Microsoft Internet Keyboard Pro is scheduled to be released in year 2000.

Internet Keyboard

Internet Keyboard Pro
Both keyboards will come with Microsoft IntelliType Pro for keyboard customization.

Microsoft Internet Keyboard
It's pretty similar to the Keyboard Pro except the fact the non-Pro version has a smaller design and fewer buttons.  I don't know Japanese.  It's the best I can do to translate the article.  Microsoft Internet Keyboard is scheduled to be released Fall 1999.

I don't know if these keyboards will have English version or Chinese version.  From the pictures, both keyboards look quite promising.  Features I like are the wrist rest and the built-in 2-port USB hub on both keyboards.


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