Intel To Launch Pentium III On Feb.26th

Intel will launch its Pentium III processor Feb. 26 and two days later open "the blue door" in its promotions for the new chip. Gordon Casey, director of investor relations at Intel, said PCs based on the Pentium III will be available Feb. 26. The blue door, pictured on the company's Web site, is a "metaphor for the better Internet experience you'll get with the Pentium III," he said. An Intel spokeswoman said the blue door, when opened Feb. 28, will be a place where people can view a buyer's guide for the Pentium III, as well as software optimized for the processor. Plans call for the site to have links to Web sites optimized for the new chip, she said. Intel will run ads with the blue door to promote the Pentium III.

Speaking Tuesday at the NationsBanc Montgomery Securities conference here in Phoenix, Casey said Intel aims to establish the Pentium III as the new PC industry standard. The improved 3-D graphics capabilities of the Pentium III will improve the Internet experience, he said. The chip will be introduced at clock speeds of 450MHz and 500MHz. Intel sees a huge opportunity with the growth of the Internet and envisions 1 billion computers connected around the world by 2005, Casey said. On Feb. 17, Intel will host a preview day in San Jose, Calif., where content developers, PC hardware suppliers, and software tool makers will display products designed for the Pentium III.

When Intel shifts from 0.25-micron to 0.18-micron technology by the second half of this year, the Pentium III will reach clock speeds of 600MHz and higher, Casey said. The next-generation manufacturing technology will allow Intel to reach clock speeds of 1 gigahertz, he said. Intel also plans this year to expand its architecture across all market segments, including the high-end server market where other processors, such as RISC chips, have dominated, he said. Intel's high-end 64-bit Merced is scheduled for volume production by mid-2000, he said.

Source:  Computer Retail Week


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