Intel Announces New Pentium® III Brand For Next Generation Processors

Intel® Pentium® III processor logo

Intel® Pentium® III Xeon™ processor logo

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SANTA CLARA, Calif., Jan. 11, 1999 - Intel Corporation today announced the Intel® Pentium® III processor brand name for its next generation microprocessor code-named Katmai.

The new Pentium III name builds upon one of the world's most recognized brands to convey the most powerful personal computing experience for the next generation of the Internet. Scheduled to be introduced later in the first quarter of 1999, the new Pentium III processor offers enhanced multimedia realism and is a sound investment for all of today's and tomorrow's applications.

"Around the world, PC users associate the Pentium brand with the highest PC performance, compatibility and quality available," said Jami Dover, vice president, Intel Sales and Marketing Group, and director, Worldwide Marketing Operations. "Computer users will be able to instantly recognize the Pentium III processor family as the top performer from Intel and in computer makers' product lines."

Intel also disclosed the Intel Pentium III Xeon™ processor brand name targeted for the server and workstation market segments.

The Intel Pentium III processor logo and the Intel Pentium III Xeon processor logo join the Intel Inside® program, the largest co-op advertising program in the world. The new logos are available to the media at [Click the logos above to download high-resolution TIF images, for media use only.]

Intel, the world's largest chip maker, is also a leading manufacturer of computer, networking and communications products. Additional information about Intel is available at


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