Accute Unveils Year 2000 Bios Clock Software Fix

Accute Year 2000 Solutions has launched Accute-Date Year 2000 Fix, a package which sells for just $19.95 and is billed as solving the Year 2000 issue on Windows 3.xx, 95 and 98-based PCs. According to Dr. D. Wong, the firm's president, the software uses an unique and patent-pending approach to solving the BIOS problems on PCs as regards the Year 2000. Since the software tackles the issue at the BIOS level, it is superior, he says, to other applications on the market.

"Some competitive products only cover roll-over errors that occur when the computer clock does not change from December 31, 1999 to January 1, 2000 correctly. While these errors are very common, PC users should be aware that other types of Y2K clock errors can and do occur on some PC's," he explained. According to Wong, Accute-Date is designed to cover at least five different types of Year 2000 errors in the BIOS real-time clock services. Some competitive products, he said, are only able to cover one or two errors.

Wong said that the software is also able to correct repeating errors. In one repeating error type, he noted, the PC repeatedly loses track of any date after January 1, 2000 whenever the PC is turned off. Such a PC, he said, always resets to an erroneous year such as 1980 or even 2094 instead of the correct year. In the other repeating error type, the PC also cannot keep track of the date whenever the PC is turned off, plus the PC is also not able to return any dates past 1999 via BIOS services. In this case, the company says that the century indicator is completely missing and the original BIOS simply cannot store or return any dates after 1999, even while the machine is left on.

Accute-Date is available for a free trial download on the firm's Web site at


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