Hardware Week In Review - 2nd January 1999

AGN3D Hardware

* Revolution IV Review
* K6-3 Information
* Cyrix Jalapeno Preview
* Abit Interview
* 3DNow! Info from AMD
* Rio vs MP3Man Mp3 player Review
* CPU Comparison
* Rio MP3 Player Review
* Dynamite TNT Review
* Lexmark 5770 Jetprinter
* MP3 Player Showdown

Voodoo Extreme

* Grandmaster B
* 3D Chip Comparison
* Voodoo2 Game FAQ
* Half-Life Mini-SDK
* Elsa Banshee Review
* Celeron366 Socket 370 system Preview
* S3 Tweak
* Overclocking Voodoo2
* AMD's 1000MHz K7

3D Files

* New Creative Labs Drivers
--- Graphics Blaster 3D/MA334 Windows 9X Driver Update G334-95STD-3-US
--- Graphics Blaster RIVA TNT Windows 95/98 Driver Update GBRT-9XWEB-1-US (Rev 2)
--- 3D Blaster Banshee OpenGL Driver for Win 9X and Win NT4.0 3DBB-OGWEB-1-US (Rev 1)
* Quantum3D Obsidian2 Drivers
* Monster Sound MX300 Beta Drivers (15MB)
* Canopus Spectra 2500 TNT Drivers


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