Hardware Week In Review - 9th January 1999

Well, it is that time again to bring you all the latest hardware news, previews, reviews, etc. You will find the hardware news listed under the website the news was found on...oh, by the way, there is no particular order to who comes first.

Tom's Hardware

* Comparison of Graphic Cards with nVidias Riva TNT Chip


* Total3D 128DX ("Witchdoctor") Drivers Released
* Total3D 128V Drivers for Win9x/NT
* Hercules Dynamite TNT Drivers for Win95/98
* Velocity 4400 AGP/PCI Drivers Released v. 1.52
* Buggy Hardware Drivers
* Savage3D Drivers for NT 4.0
* S/2 Midiland 4030 Speaker Set Review
* RAGE PRO TURBO Beta "OpenGL ICD" Windows 95/98 Display Driver Version: 5.35b57g (2.9MB)
* RAGE PRO TURBO Release Candidate "OpenGL ICD" Windows 95/98 Display Driver Version: 5.30c09w (2.9MB)

AGN3D Hardware
* 3DNow For Quake2 3.20 Drivers
* Asus TNT Tweak (609K)
* PCPricewatch Updated
* 3D Blaster Banshee Review
* Altec Lansing USB Review
* 3-Way Banshee Comparison
* SGI Workstation Details
* Gigabyte GA-630 Banshee Review
* Fast Track Controller Review
* MSI 5184 Mobo Review
* Gravis Stinger Review
* CelHO Cooler Review
* Iomega Zip 250MB SCSI Review
* 3D Video Comparison
* Creative Labs Blaster Riva TNT Review
* All About Compression
* Choose Your CPU in 99
* Diamond Rio Review
* Dual Celeron Article
* Desktop Theater 5.1 Review
* 3D card roundup
* Intel IA-64 Preview

Sharky Extreme

* Weekly CPU Prices
* Kryotech 500MHz AMD K6-2 Review

Thresh's Firing Squad

* A Literal Look at Katmai (P-III)
* Cheap Hardware FAQ
* Microsoft Freestyle Pro Review
* How to buy Hardware Cheap
* Celeron 366 PPGA Preview

Voodoo Extreme

* Ask GrandMaster B
* New i740 reference drivers
* Banshee Tweak
* V2 Stress Test, part 2
* 3D Compatibility Chart

Source: BetaBites


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