Hardware Week In Review - 16th January 1999

Yeppers! It is coming on Saturday, and that means another Hardware Week in Review. There has been tons of hardware news, reviews, previews, and tweaks... Remember, the Website listed above the news was the original source for the hardware stuff! The hardware will be updated today and tomorrow.


* Metabyte's Wicked3D EyeScream 3D glasses Review
* Sound Card Shootout: C.L. Soundblaster Live! Value vs. D.M. Monster Sound MX300

Thresh's FiringSquad

* Exclusive Pentium III Review
* How To Choose The Right Motherboard?
* Celeron 400: Socket370 vs. Slot 1 Review

The Sanctum

* Diamond Monster Sound MX300 Review


* Race Leader 3D Force Feedback Review
* Gateway G6-450 Review
* New Diamond Monster 3D II Drivers w/3DNow!
* Focus 3D Engine 16th Edition Released
* New Viper V550 Drivers for Win95/98
* HP SureStore 7200e CD-ReWritable Drive Review

Tom's Hardware

* Tom's Monday Blurb
* CPU Overview January 1999

Voodoo Extreme

* Ask GrandMaster B
* 3Dfx Article, part 4 & 5
* SGI Visual Workstation Review
* Gigabyte Banshee Review
* Gateway GX-450XL Review
* Entech interview
* Benchmarking your machine
* "Behind the dual Celeron: How it works"
* New Mac GLide SDK
* TNT Tweak/Cooling guide

AGN3D Hardware

* Labtec APX-4620 Review
* Celeron 400 @ 600MHz! Review
* Replacing Your Celeron Fan
* Wicked 3D eyeSCREAM Review
* CPU Price Chart
* End of Entertainment Media Article
* Blackmagic 3D Review
* Guillemot's Race Leader 3D Force Feedback Steering Wheel Review
* TMC T15VGF ATX MVP3 Super 7 motherboard Review
* Antec KS-188 Case Review
* New Bios from Abit
* IntelliMouse Review
* Plextor 40x CD-Rom Review
* IStorm Hard Drive Cooler Review
* Guillemot Game Theatre 64 Review
* 10GB Drives Shootout Review

Sharky Extreme

* Voodoo 3 In-Game Shots
* Canopus Interview
* Weekly CPU Prices
* SurRender 3D - Game Engine Update
* Pure 3D II Beta Drivers (2.8MB)

Source: BetaBites


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