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List of Fixed Problems in Microsoft Office 2000 Service Release 1 (SR-1)


Office 2000 Service Release 1 (SR-1) is a free update for Microsoft Office 2000 that contains a series of recent fixes. It is designed to make it easier for you to use and deploy Office. This article contains a list of the articles that discuss the fixes in Microsoft Office 2000 Service Release 1 (SR-1).

Internet Explorer 5 is available with SR-1. For a description of the fixes that are available in this release of Internet Explorer, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

Q244655 Description of Internet Explorer 5.01
For additional information about how to obtain SR-1, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
Q245025 OFF2000: How to Obtain and Install Microsoft Office 2000 Service Release 1 (SR-1)


Click the product name to see a list of articles that document the specific fixes for that product.

FrontPage Server Extensions
Office Setup and Common Components
Office Server Extensions


Q235222 ACC2000: Undo Method Causes IPF When Used Outside Form's Class Module
Q225946 ACC2000: Corrupted VBA Project Error When You Try to Convert a Database
Q236977 ACC2000: "There Isn't Enough Free Memory" Error When Working with a Form
Q238258 ACC2000: Access Database Does Not Use Record-Level Locking When Started from a Windows Shortcut
Q239549 ACC2000: Access Hangs When You Delete a Record on a Subform That You Created with the Form Wizard
Q239565 ACC2000: Query Expression Truncated at 511 Characters
Q240826 ACC2000: Lost Printer Settings When Name AutoCorrect Is Enabled
Q241025 ACC2000: Using the AddNew Method with RecordsetClone Moves Form to New Record
Q241230 ACC2000: Workgroup Information File Is Reset to Default System.mdw After Self-Registration
Q241969 ACC2000: Running a Delete Query or Clicking Select All Records and Then Clicking Delete May Not Delete All Records
Q244010 ACC2000: Char/Nchar and Varchar/Nvarchar Values Displayed Incorrectly in an Access Project
Q245467 ACC2000: When You Sort Parameter Query Results You Are Prompted for Parameters Again
Q247486 ACC2000: Using the ADOX Catalog Object on a Table Object Erases Field Properties of Each Query That Uses That Table
Q247568 ACC2000: Error Message: "There Isn't Enough Memory Available to Perform This Calculation"
Q248894 ACC2000: You Cannot Open or Convert an Access 97 Database
Q248895 ACC2000: An MDE File that References Another MDE File Cannot Run Code After Both Are Moved to Another Folder
Q248898 ACC2000: Saving a Report to Different Format Reverts to First Instance of Report
Q248904 ACC2000: Error When You Close a Form That Has a Combo Box That Is Based on a Parameterized Query
Q248910 ACC2000: Opening and Closing a Form Hundreds of Times Noticeably Affects System Resources
Q248913 ODE97: Convert or Enable Message When You Open an Access 97 Run-Time Application After You Install Office 2000
Q248923 ACC2000: Erroneous Error Message When You Delete Data Access Page
Q248928 ACC2000: Incorrect OnCurrent Field Property in Macro That Is Converted from Access 2.0
Q248930 ACC2000: Objects List Takes Longer to View in Database Window
Q248932 ACC2000: Fatal Error Message When You Close a Form After You Set the UniqueTable Property
Q248933 ACC2000: Error When You Type in a List Box That Is Based on a Text Field That Has a Format Character Defined
Q248934 ACC2000: Find and FindRecord Do Not Find Null Values in Some Data Types
Q248936 ACC2000: Canceling Form or Report Wizard Does Not Release Exclusive Lock
Q248945 ACC2000: The TextWidth Property Returns Incorrect Results
Q248956 ACC2000: Compilation Errors and Extended Characters in Module after Converting to Access 2000
Q248961 ACC2000: You Do Not Get the SaveAll Dialog Box After You Compile Even If You Have Changed Multiple Forms or Reports
Q248965 ACC2000: Changing Database Properties Can Cause Lost Objects in Access Projects
Q248966 ACC2000: Unexpected Data in List Boxes, Combo Boxes, and Reports of Access Project
Q248967 ACC2000: "The Database Has Been Placed in a State by User..." Error When You Open a Database Containing a Form That Has a Subform
Q248968 ACC2000: Transaction Rollback Causes Recordset Cursor to Be Lost
Q248970 ACC2000: Invalid Page Fault When You Try to View Class Module in Design View
Q248980 ACC2000: Format Property of "**$#,##0.00" Is Changed to "**" in Access 2000
Q249065 OFF2000: Error Message When You Try to Display Help on a Microsoft Windows 2000-based Computer
Q252739 ACC2000: Euro Symbol Is Not Printed Properly on a Computer Running Windows 98
Q252740 ACC2000: Query on a Table That Is Named with SQL Reserved Words Causes Error
Q252742 ACC2000: Subdatasheets Print or Preview Incorrect Data
Q252749 ACC2000: Access May Stop Responding When You Click the Advanced Button in the Import Wizard
Q253177 ACC2000: Column with Data Type of Bit Does Not Allow Null Value in Access Project
Q253178 ACC2000: Error Occurs When You Resize a Pane in a View of a Microsoft Access Project
Q253180 ACC2000: Table Created by User in Db_owner Role Makes User the Owner
Q252744 ACC2000: Activating a Commandbar Drop-Down List Causes an Abnormal Program Termination
Q256101 ACC2000: Properties Are Missing from Queries After You Access TableDef Object with ADOX Catalog Object
Q248977 ACC2000: Startup Properties in an ADP Are Not Preserved When You Restore a Project from Visual SourceSafe

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Q211439 XL2000: Errors After Copying Worksheet with Auditing Arrows
Q215764 XL2000: Excel4 Macro Runs Slowly When Excel Is in the Background
Q221058 XL2000: #REF! Error Recalculating Worksheet with Defined Name
Q231088 XL2000: Selected Text in Combo Box from Forms Toolbar Overflows into Worksheet
Q231117 XL2000: AutoSave Settings Are Not Retained Between Sessions of Excel 2000
Q231125 XL2000: Invalid Page Fault Saving Shared Workbook That Contains Conditional Formatting
Q235113 XL2000: EUROCONVERT Function Is Lost When You Save Excel Data to a Web Page
Q236298 XL2000: Labels on X-Axis of XY (Scatter) Chart Distorted When Rotated 90 Degrees
Q236408 XL2000: Wrong Workbook Is Printed or Previewed
Q236990 XL2000: Parameter Query Does Not Refresh Automatically
Q237469 XL2000: PivotTable Updated Slowly with OLAP Data Source
Q237884 XL2000: Incorrect Range of Values Displayed on X-Axis of XY (Scatter) or Bubble Chart
Q238482 XL2000: Cell Ranges in Aggregate Formulas May Change Unexpectedly
Q239846 XL2000: Data Labels Misplaced with Bar Charts
Q248161 XL2000: Invalid Page Fault Error Opening Workbook with Embedded Enhanced Metafile
Q248165 XL2000: Defined Name No Longer Present When You Open Workbook
Q248167 XL2000: Excel Caused an Invalid Page Fault in MSO9.DLL When Saving File
Q248170 XL2000: Incorrect Recommended Format Displayed When You Save Your Workbook
Q248173 XL2000: Links to Closed Workbook with Defined Names Update Slowly
Q248174 XL2000: Formulas Calculate Incorrectly After Changing Worksheet Name
Q248175 XL2000: Border Color of Lines Returns Incorrect RGB Value When Border Color Is Set to Automatic
Q248176 XL2000: Access Violation Error Message When You Open a Workbook That Calls a Custom DLL
Q248179 XL2000: Calculation Problems When Custom Function Creates a Defined Name
Q248180 XL2000: "Out of Virtual Memory" When You Open and Close Many Workbooks with Controls
Q248181 XL2000: Crash When Pasting Array Formulas into Merged Cells
Q248201 XL2000: Opening Workbook with More Than 1,370 External Links May Crash
Q248202 XL2000: Charts Lose Axis Labels, Axis Scaling After You Copy Worksheet
Q248207 XL2000: Linked Files with Lookup Functions Updated Much More Slowly Than in Earlier Versions of Excel
Q248212 XL2000: Excel Quits When Printing to a Printer with a Long Name
Q248216 XL2000: Links to Closed Workbook Are Not Updated Properly
Q248218 XL2000: Crash When Saving Workbook as Web Page
Q248222 Query2000: "Syntax Error (Missing Operator)..." Error Performing Query with a Date
Q248223 XL2000: Dashed Series Lines Appear Solid in Excel 2000
Q248225 XL2000: Invalid Page Fault Changing PivotTable Data Source
Q248867 XL2000: Excel Stops Responding When You Click Help Topic
Q249060 XL2000: Linking Charts Does Not Work Correctly If Name Has More Than 64 Characters
Q249061 XL2000: Excel Chart Object May Change Shape in PowerPoint 2000
Q249066 XL2000: Changes Aren't Saved When Altering or Resetting Toolbars Using Automation
Q249076 XL2000: Crash When Closing Excel After Closing Workbook with Circular References
Q249931 XL2000: "Save Not Completed..." Error Saving Workbook Opened Inside of Internet Explorer
Q250793 XL2000: Custom Toolbar Is Lost When Workbook Is Sent as Attachment
Q250825 XL2000: Copying Worksheet into Workbook Deletes Defined Name
Q250828 XL2000: Custom Function Returns #VALUE! If Returning Array Larger Than 5,461 Elements
Q251139 XL2000: Error 1004 Opening Buy vs. Lease Analysis Report
Q253846 XL2000: Crash When Removing Formatting from PivotTable
Q238488 XL2000: Prompted to Save Changes After Setting the Saved Property to True
Q248172 XL2000: Close Events Do Not Run for Add-Ins When Quitting Excel
Q257452 XL2000: Multiple Euro Icons or 'Subscript out of Range' Error When You Start Excel
Q257622 XL2000: Embedded Chart Resizes in Word If Zoom Is 20 Percent or Less
Q257713 XL2000: Embedded Excel Chart Resizes in Word When Scrolling to Different Page
Q252382 XL2000: Properties Change in Excel Object Embedded in PowerPoint
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Q229584 FP2000: No Entries Generated for a Form When You Clear the Include Field Names Check Box
Q244723 FP2000: FrontPage Does Not Properly Check Spelling for English (British)
Q244724 FP2000: "Apply Theme To" Is Set to "All Pages" in Themes Dialog Box
Q246939 FP2000: Refreshing Page in HTML View Overwrites Saved Changes from Text Editor
Q246940 FP2000: FrontPage Stops Responding When You Send Page by Hotmail
Q246946 FP2000: "The Page Can Not Be Found" Message When You Click Image Map Hotspot
Q246947 FP2000: Export Command Not Available on File Menu
Q248931 FP2000: Deletion of Visual InterDev 6 NavBar Bot Leaves Incomplete HTML on Page
Q253734 FP2000: Changes in HTML Lost When You Switch to Preview and Back to HTML View
Q253737 FP2000: Discussion Wizard Stops Responding on Windows 2000
Q256119 FP2000: Uppercase File Names Using 8.3 Format Are Changed to Lowercase on File Import
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FrontPage Server Extensions

Q231993 Server Extensions Configuration Wizard Stops Responding During Installation
Q236139 Data in Scrolling Text Box Does Not Get Saved to HTML Page
Q236608 Internal Server Error 500 Occurs When Attempting to Assign Category to Files on Alpha/UNIX
Q237960 How to Configure FrontPage to Connect through a Raptor Firewall
Q240162 FPSE2000 for UNIX Always Create *.cnf Configuration File to /Usr/Local/Frontpage Directory
Q240968 FP2000 Unix Extensions Monopolize Portmap
Q243223 FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions Install is Slow on Multi-Hosted WebSite Pro Server
Q244221 Full Uninstall of FPSE from IIS 3.0 Web Site Breaks All Sites
Q250942 Upgrading to FPSE 2000 Breaks Search Components
Q250943 Comments Not Saved When Submitting Feedback Form
Q250949 Reducing Permissions on Subwebs Does Not Take Effect
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Office Setup and Common Components

Q228593 OFF2000: Error Message: 'Clip Gallery Encountered an Error' Starting Clip Gallery
Q236529 MOD2000: Deploying Package with MSCal.ocx Causes Error: "The file ...\$(DllSelfRegisterEx) Could Not Be Loaded..."
Q235848 CG5: Prompt for CD-ROM When You Insert Clips
Q246093 OFF2000: Windows Installer Breaks Access 95 File Association
Q248873 CG5: Putting Computer into Standby Mode Crashes Clip Gallery
Q248164 OFF2000: Crash Using Document.Script in Spreadsheet Component to Call Script
Q248169 OFF2000: HTMLData Property Does Not Return Spreadsheet Values
Q248849 OFF2000: Error Message: Advanced INF Install Failure, Reason: Access Is Denied
Q248872 OFF2000: Error Message: ClipArt Gallery Encountered an Error...
Q249057 OFF2000: JPEG Picture with Border Is Saved as GIF When Using Save as Web Page
Q249079 OFF2000: Lines in a Graph Are Missing When Inserted into an Office Document
Q249881 OFF: Patch Available for "Malformed Conversion Data" Vulnerability (East Asian Word)
Q249929 OFF2000: Error Installing Office Although You Have Administrative Rights
Q249934 OFF2000: Text Ending with an E with Acute Accent in HTML File Is Not Displayed
Q249943 OFF2000: Error Message: The Filters Required to Perform This Search Could Not Be Installed
Q249945 OFF2000: Office Programs Ignore System Policy to Hide the Back Button
Q249946 OFF2000: Office Programs Ignore System Policy to Hide Places Bar
Q249949 OFF2000: Policy to Hide Drives Ignored in Office Programs
Q249950 OFF2000: No Warning When You Click Hyperlink to Executable File
Q249952 OFF2000: Create New Folder in Save As Dialog Box Is Not Available When You Save to My Network Places
Q250955 OFF2000: HTML File Appears Blank in Internet Explorer 5
Q254864 OFF2000: Error Message "Osa9.exe Has Generated Errors and Will Be Closed by Windows" When You Click New Office Document in Windows 2000
Q238732 OFF2000: "A Newer Version of DCOM95 Had Been Installed" Message During Quiet Mode Setup
Q239913 OFF2000: Help Does Not Appear When Clicking Help Topic
Q248205 OFF2000: Incorrect Data Is Displayed When You Filter Your PivotTable List
Q217674 OFF2000: Setup of Second Office 2000 CD, Does Not Remember Previous CD's Installation Path
Q221042 OFF2000: Data Member List Is Empty When You Connect to an OLAP Data Source
Q225234 OFF2000: User Prompted for Password When Opening Office Documents in Browser
Q228668 OFF2000: Internal Error 2343 During Setup
Q234803 OFF2000: No ClipArt Displayed in Microsoft Clip Gallery After Installation
Q234928 OFF2000: Error Message: "Installer Terminated Prematurely" During Setup
Q235335 OFF2000: Error Message During Setup: Ie5wzd Caused an Exception in Module Msjava.dll or Kernel32.dll
Q236456 OFF2000: Error Message "Error 1500 . Another installation is in progress..."
Q237426 OFF2000: "Cannot load fp4Autl.dll" Error Starting FrontPage
Q257427 OFF2000: Some Graphics Pasted into Word 2000 and PowerPoint 2000 May Be Blank
Q257456 OFF2000: Cannot Suspend Computer with Windows 2000 Offline Files Open
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Office Server Extensions

Q235973 Cannot Install Office Server Extensions on Windows 95/98
Q250933 OFF2000: Using OSE Admin Pages Takes up 100% of CPU
Q250938 OFF2000: OSE Administration Pages are Available to Everyone by Default
Q250962 Uninstalling the Server Extensions from IIS 3.0 Disables All Servers
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Q222355 OL2000: Confidential Appointments from Organizer 2.12 Are Not Imported
Q222397 OL2000: (IMO) Symantec Fax Stops Working After Upgrading to Windows 2000
Q232767 OL2000: Integrity Check For Client OAB
Q235870 OL2000: Attachments Missing When Message Is Received
Q237912 OL2000: Outlook Stops Responding When Using the Quick Find Feature
Q238024 OL2000: Outlook Allows Suppression of Lunar Info on Calendar
Q238026 OL2000: Spelling Checker Stops Responding Without Finalizing the Word
Q241376 OL2000: Appointments Sent from PROFS Must Be Added to Delegate's Calendar Before Moving to Manager's Calendar
Q241686 OL2000: Outlook Incorrectly Parses One-Off Addresses Containing Equals Signs
Q242388 OL2000: Plain Text Messages Word Wrap Incorrectly When Printed
Q244059 OL2000: Offline Synchronization May Not Complete When Upgrading
Q244063 OL2000: Upgrade from Exchange Client to Outlook Causes Encryption Failure
Q244082 OL2000: DoVerb on Shortcut Menu Does Not Function for Custom MAPI Forms
Q244398 OL2000: Conflict Using Exchange Extension and Outlook View Control
Q244486 OL2000: Unable to Create Delegate Permissions for Calendar
Q246317 OL2000: Exchange Client Extensions Cause Access Violation When Outlook View Control Is Accessed
Q247326 OL2000: Error Message "Can't open file" When You Export or Forward a vCard
Q248847 OL2000: Repair/Reinstallation Starts Unexpectedly
Q248858 OL2000: Cannot Do On-Demand Installation on Windows 2000 Advanced Server
Q248974 OL2000: Exchange Client Extension Under Outlook 2000 Modifying Wrong MailItem
Q249739 OL2000: No Menu Refresh of Custom Menus
Q249740 OL2000: (CW) InstallShield Runs Slowly When Outlook Is Open
Q249741 OL2000: Entire Spreadsheet Opens When Only Part Is Pasted into RTF Message
Q249742 OL2000: (CW) Offline Address Book Fails to Resolve the Recipient's Name
Q249743 OL2000: (CW) Offline Folder MRU Behaves Erratically
Q249744 OL2000: Error Message: "Internal Application Error" Modifying RTF Message Selected with Next Button
Q249747 OL2000: (CW) No Message Generated When Attempting to Use Microsoft Exchange Conference Resource Without Permissions
Q249748 OL2000: Decimal Calculations In Form Field Do Not Compute Properly
Q249750 OL2000: Inbox May Be Renamed When Deleting an Appointment
Q249751 OL2000: (IMO) Symantec Fax Starter Edition Is Not Installed on NT4 SP5
Q249752 OL2000: (CW) Custom Context Menu Commands Missing in Custom Forms
Q249775 OL2000: Deleted Single Instance of Recurring Schedule+ Meeting Imports to Calendar
Q249776 OL2000: Fortezza Secure Receipt Is Invalid
Q249777 OL2000: Blank Button on Security Tab with Language Pack
Q249779 OL2000: VBS File Attachment Runs Without Saving to Disk
Q249781 OL2000: Error in Crypt32.dll When Adding Sender to Contacts
Q249784 OL2000: (CW) Revised Custom Form in Public Folder Ignores Expiration Time
Q249785 OL2000: During OnOpen Event for Reply or Forward Wrong Mail Item Modified
Q249787 OL2000: (CW) Incorrect Name Appears in From Box After Being Edited
Q249790 OL2000: Extended MAPI Functions Do Not Work in Outook 2000
Q249792 OL2000: Cannot Change Low Macro Security Level
Q249793 OL2000: Attachment Temporary Files Always Stored in Same Location
Q250364 OL2000: Moderated Folders Do Not Synchronize While Working Offline
Q250406 OL2000: Cannot Fax After Upgrading to Windows 2000
Q250420 OL2000: (IMO) One-Off E-mail Address Resolves Incorrectly
Q250421 OL2000: (CW) Differential Synchronization Downloads Entire Offline Address Book
Q250422 OL2000: OST File Corrupted When Synchronizing Large File
Q250424 OL2000: (CW) Outlook Stops Responding When Opening vCard
Q250425 OL2000: Sent Time of Secure Receipt Mail Displays GMT Time
Q251272 OL2000: Error Message "An Error Has Occurred in the dBase Translator" When You Import DBF Files
Q251414 OL2000: (CW) LDAP Directory Listed Incorrectly
Q251415 OL2000: Custom Form Produces Error Message and Does Not Load
Q251416 OL2000: (CW) Contact Items in Personal Folders File Are Not Listed in Address Book After Migration
Q251418 OL2000: (IMO) Outlook Does Not Release DUN Connection If There Is a Connection Error During Check for Mail
Q251422 OL2000: Wrong Version of a Custom Form Appears in Outlook
Q251424 OL2000: (IMO) Security Line Is Blank When Outlook Is in Internet Mail Only (IMO) Mode
Q253179 OL2000: Outlook May Misdirect Mail When Using Offline Address Book
Q253452 OL2000: User-Defined Formula with Japanese Fields Cause Unexpected Result
Q254584 OL2000: Outlook Stops Responding If an Instance of a Recurring Item Is Deleted
Q254817 OL2000: Message Window Minimum Horizontal Size Is Too Large
Q254826 OL2000: Personal Address Book Import to Contacts Creates Duplicate Items
Q254829 OL2000: New 020 London Area Code Interpreted as Country Code for Egypt
Q254830 OL2000: Importing CSV File Incorrectly Imports X-400 Addresses
Q254865 OL2000: Error Message: "The Topic Does Not Exist" with Tell Me More Button
Q255257 OL2000: Outlook Hangs Using Outlook View Control
Q249753 OL2000: Duplicate of Outlook Message Appears After Installing Add-In
Q249754 OL2000: Search for Mail Item Causes Windows Installer to Start
Q249755 OL2000: (CW) Message Remains In Outbox After Sending When Saved by Another User
Q249758 OL2000: Microsoft Exchange Extensions Deletes Incorrect Item
Q249760 OL2000: Cannot Add or Remove File Types Affected by Security Patch
Q249761 OL2000: Contents of Attached Files Lost After Pasting From Outlook Message
Q249762 OL2000: (CW) Corrupt OST File Prevents Synchronization
Q249763 OL2000: New Messages Appear in the Background When Using Word as E-mail Editor
Q249764 OL2000: Minimized Message May Not Restore on Windows 2000
Q249766 OL2000: OnOpenSzFile() Not Used in Preview Pane
Q249767 OL2000: Outlook Performs Slowly or Stops Trying to Write to Extend.dat File
Q249768 OL2000: Error Message: "An OLE Registration Error Occurred"
Q249770 OL2000: Newprof.exe Deletes the Profile If Run Twice
Q249771 OL2000: (CW) Electronic Forms Designer Form Appears Behind Outlook Item
Q249772 OL2000: Secure Receipt Request Fails on Fortezza
Q249773 OL2000: Outlook Repair Fails on First Try After Windows 2000 Upgrade
Q252893 XCLN: Error Message: "Unable to Display Folder" When Opening an Outlook Calendar Folder
Q241273 XCLN: Copy Folder Design Loses Properties and Is Not Consistent With Copy Folder
Q249780 XCLN: Updated Outlook Security Features Installed with Office 2000 SR-1
Q249783 XCLN: Exchange 2000 User Cannot Enroll After Server Move
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Q224469 PPT2000: Error Message: "Failed to Connect to NetShow Encoder..." Starting Online Broadcast
Q236589 PPT2000: PowerPoint Stops Responding When It Is Started
Q243657 PPT2000: Text May Increase in Size When File Is Saved and Reopened
Q248852 PPT2000: PowerPoint Stops Responding When Window Status Changed During a Slide Show
Q249048 PPT2000: Administrators Cannot Customize Default HTML Output of Publish Dialog Box
Q249050 PPT2000: Macro Virus Protection Warning Doesn't Appear When Inserting Slides from File
Q249051 PPT2000: PowerPoint Fails with RnR Add-ins
Q249052 PPT2000: Amigo Chart Not Updated When You Make Changes
Q249942 PPT2000: Office Document Is Not Opened When You Follow a Link to It from Slide Show
Q249944 PPT2000: PowerPoint Does Not Receive Focus When You Edit from Internet Explorer 5
Q251391 PPT2000: Second Copy of a Printed Presentation Does Not Start on a New Page
Q255222 PPT2000: Issues Addressed in PowerPoint 2000 Service Release 1 (SR-1)
Q248208 PPT2000: Excel Worksheet Changes Font When Copied to PowerPoint Slide
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Q224933 PUB2000: Some Fonts Incorrectly Listed as Unavailable in the Load Fonts Window
Q243820 PUB2000 Errors When Saving Publication as Publisher 98 File
Q248869 PUB2000: Error Message When You Save Publication As a Publisher 98 File
Q249090 Publisher 2000 Error Message: Publisher Cannot Continue Printing Because of an Error
Q249091 PUB2000 Err Msg: Publisher Can't Check the Spelling in This Document
Q249092 PUB2000: Attachment Is Not Sent When You Use Fax Mail Transport
Q249094 PUB2000: Access Violation When You Paste an Image into a Publication
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Q189093 WD2000: Error Message: "Word Was Unable to Open the Data Source"
Q189175 WD2000: Incorrect SectionPages or NumPages Field When Printed
Q220250 WD2000: Err Msg: "Fields Are Nested Too Deeply" in Mail Merge
Q220260 WD2000: WordMail: Illegal Operation Error Message When You Insert Word Document Object
Q220504 WD2000: Documents/Windows Collection Fails to Include Hidden Documents
Q220526 WD2000: Updating Link Removes Formatting from Microsoft Excel Table
Q220534 WD2000: Word Hangs During Grammar Check with Three or More Languages
Q220537 WD2000: Previous Record, Next Record Buttons Fail to Change Data Displayed
Q220557 WD2000: Pressing ENTER in Table or Label Row at Top of Screen Causes Invalid Page Fault
Q224618 WD2000: Table Borders Lost Saving As Word 6.0/95
Q234287 WD2000: NumPages Field Prints Incorrect Results
Q235238 WD2000: Error Message: "Out of Stack Space" When You Use Print Preview or Print Multiple Pages Per Sheet
Q236295 WD2000: Unable to Use Mail Merge with Outlook Address Book
Q237765 WD2000: Word Stops Responding When Performing Grammar Check with Some Complex Sentences
Q238234 WD2000: Page Setup Changes to Letter in Documents Converted from Word for Windows NT, version 6.0
Q238392 WD2000: Custom Toolbar Disappears After Mail Merge
Q238844 WD2000: Heading Numbering Not Preserved in Word 6.0/95 Format
Q238895 WD2000: Running VBA Macros Causes the AppID to Return "MS VB" Instead of Application Identifier
Q239793 WD2000: Word Stops Responding After Hyphenation Occurs
Q240795 WD2000: Date/Time Form Fields Not Converted Correctly from Word 97
Q241098 WD2000: Novell Grammar Checker Broken Upgrading to Office 2000
Q241425 WD2000: CPU Usage Increases Using Word as Your E-Mail Editor
Q241581 WD2000: Error Message: "This Document May Be Corrupt" After Switching Between Bullet and Number List Format
Q241722 WD2000: Only First Paragraph of Multiple Selected Paragraphs Is Pasted into Text Form Field
Q242072 WD2000: Field Text Truncated to 255 Characters When Merging or Inserting Database
Q242930 WD2000: Text Boxes and Other Elements Created in Word 97 Change Position in Word 2000
Q242931 WD2000: Using LinkToPrevious After Retrieving Range.Information Causes VBA Run-Time Error 4605
Q242932 WD2000: Table Border Changes When Document Opened in Word 2000
Q243596 WD2000: Embedded Document's Custom and Built-in Properties Lost If VBA Module Present
Q243932 WD2000: Danish Word Crashes When Pressing BACKSPACE in Paragraph Dialog Box
Q244148 WD2000: Beginning and End of Scribbles Are Connected When Saved in Word 95 Format
Q244149 WD2000: Dashed and Dotted Lines Are Lost in Word 6.0/95 or RTF
Q244151 WD2000: Some Arrowheads Begin/End Styles Are Lost When Saving to Word 6.0/95
Q244153 WD2000: Some Table Border Styles Lost in Conversion to Word 95
Q244222 WRD VC6: Unhandled Exception When Quitting VC Program That Embeds Word
Q247144 WD2000: Syntax Error in Fields with Non-English (U.S.) Word 97 Documents
Q248797 WD2000: Saving a Macintosh Word File in RTF or Word 6/95 Format Causes Table Corruption
Q249301 WD2000: Hyperlinked Document Is Opened as a New Document
Q249302 WD2000: Error Message: "The File Does Not Exist in the Path Specified" Opening HTML Document
Q249303 WD2000: AutoText Containing Fillin Field or Ask Field Prompts Twice
Q249304 WD2000: 1's or 0's Appear at the End of Table Rows
Q249305 WD2000: MERGEFORMAT Switch Is Removed When You Change the Source of Link Field
Q249317 WD2000: Embedded Word Table Object Changes Size in PowerPoint
Q249859 WD2000: Error Message: Word Cannot Complete the Save Due to a File Permission Error
Q250679 WD2000: Cannot Change Suggested AutoComplete Date Year Format
Q251474 WD2000: Error Message "Word Cannot Complete the Save" When You Save Document Opened in Internet Explorer
Q252431 WD2000: "Automatically Update" Added to Copied Styles Using Organizer
Q252437 WD2000: Bullets Convert to Squares When Font Is Permanently Converted
Q252440 WD2000: Form Fields Not Visible When Table Is Pasted as Word Document Object
Q252447 WD2000: Word Crashes When Embedding TrueType "Characters in Use Only"
Q252449 WD2000: File Not Registered in ROT After Being Opened in ODMA
Q252488 WD2000: Word Hangs When You Use a Macro to Format a Numbered or Bulleted List
Q252492 WD2000: Numbering Across Table Rows in Word 6.0/95 Changes to Down Columns in Word 2000
Q252498 WD2000: Error Message When You Apply ListTemplate Property to Object That Doesn't Exist
Q252501 WD2000: Word Table Embedded in Another Document Shows White Horizontal Line
Q252502 WD2000: Invalid Page Fault When You Click ActiveX Control in Document Protected for Comments
Q252616 WD2000: Copied Text Viewed as Metafile Appears Clipped in Viewer
Q252619 WD2000: Cross-References, Captions, and Numbering Are Incorrect
Q252656 WD2000: Application Error When Word Document Is Embedded in Lotus Notes Client
Q252669 WD2000: Cannot Suppress the Word Startup Splash Screen
Q254874 WD2000: Word Hangs When You Click Hyperlink in Outlook RTF Message
Q257235 WD2000: Properties of Style Incorrect When You Use Organizer to Copy Styles
Q257241 WD2000: Error Message: 'Word Cannot Start the Grammar Checker' on Windows 2000
Q257522 WD2000: Error Message: Can't Open This Item. Microsoft WordMail Could Not Be Started


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