Microsoft Assures Windows Customers of No Impact from Sun Lawsuit Ruling

Microsoft Outlines Next Steps in Letters to Partners and Customers

Redmond, Wash. - Nov. 20, 1998 - Microsoft today issued communications to its partners and customers worldwide about the ruling in the Sun lawsuit. Microsoft assured customers that the ruling will have no impact on Microsoft's ability to deliver Windows 98 and other products to its customers. Microsoft will comply with the Court order.

"Our top priority is to make certain that our customers understand that they will see little or no impact from the ruling." said Jeff Raikes, senior vice president for sales and support. "We want our customers to know that the ruling has no impact on the Microsoft products they are using now, and will not cause any delay in our ability to deliver Windows 98 and other products to the marketplace."

Microsoft has sent letters to customer segments that may have differing concerns about the effect of the federal court ruling, including OEMs, resellers, enterprise customers, distributors, developers and end users. The Java VM in Windows 98 and Microsoft's other products will continue to outperform other Java implementations. The court did not order Microsoft to remove any technology from its products. It simply ordered Microsoft to add support for Sun Microsystem's Java Native Interface (JNI) technology, part of the inner workings of Java that most users never see. The court also required Microsoft to make changes to its Java programming tools, but did not require Microsoft to remove any of the technology that has made those tools very popular with Java programmers.

In its letters and on its Website at, Microsoft is advising its customers:

"Microsoft will comply with the Court's order and we are working hard to prevent any impact to developers and all our customers," said Raikes. "We are committed to supporting Java for all our customers while assessing our business and legal options moving forward."


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