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Welcome to AskAW! This section of our web site lets you submit questions about any problems/queries that you may have about Windows. Be it from a little icon that annoys you to hardware freezing your PC, we will try and help you out. You can submit your questions by e-mailing us at  You can browse through previous questions over at our Archive Page.  Who knows what you might find.

Here are the answered questions for 08-10-2001


Question 56

Submitted by Hari

Dear sir, I use Windows 2000 Professional in my pc. I have some questions about registry. When I uninstalled a program, I found that its string (or key or anything you call it) still in the registry. I run regedit and tried to find the name of the program (e.g. FlashGet) and found that windows registry still contain them. Is it safe to delete that entry? If I leave that entry there, does it affect windows performance? Sometime I double click a program file that I downloaded from internet to see what program is that. When I get the dialog box if I want to continue the installation or not, I chose no and exit setup. But I also found an entry with the name of the program in windows registry. Does it affect windows performance? Thank you for your assistance

Solution 1 Answered by Stephen Koochis

Hello Hari,   Unfortunately you are correct.  Everything you do get a nice little entry into the registry, folder are created for apps of the same manufacturer and so on.  Awhile ago, I was like you and I am to some degree that way now.  I go in and clean up folders that remain and registry things, just to keep the machine fresh.  I found a utility call system mechanic from that is just great.  It may not get rid of every little thing, but it does a great job ( better than I could manually ).  Get this,  install it and have it clean up the registry by tweaking the settings and your machine will never be cleaner.  It really rocks. In regards to your question does it affect it.  It may or may not.  If you do not clean up your registry once in awhile, it may get larger than the size setting set in your machine.  This is rare.  Personally, I like to keep my machine perfect and clean and warm :)


Question 42

Submitted by Artem

hi. I run windows 98 on my computer. yesterday I opened a file from my dad with an attachment (probably a virus) ... as soon as I opened it I received an error message "mtx_ has performed an illegal operation and will shut down".... I looked in details about what the problem was and checked the .dll files. I found the file it was having a problem with and placed it into c:\windows\system "kernell32.dll" also performed an illegal operation. now my computer loads windows but when the background picture comes up there is an error message saying "explorer has performed an illegal operation and will close" or something like that. then my computer stands with just the background picture (no toolbar or icons) - I can move the mouse around and when I press ctr+alt+del, there is absolutely nothing running. all I want is to be able to recover some documents even if I have to throw away the computer.

Solution 1 Answered by Stephen Koochis

Hello Artem,     I am not really sure if the email did it or not, but it does look like there is some file corruption there.  So what to do.  Beings you are running win98, you can always get in with safe mode and get to your files.  If you cannot, you can always boot to a command prompt and access stuff through the command line.  I would not consider throwing the machine away an option.  Just Blow away the drive after you get your files to floppy and reload the OS.  You'll be back in business in no time.  Remember this.  It's already broken, it can't get any worse. :)


Question 59

Submitted by Richard

Could you please tell how to uninstall win me and reinstall win 98. Thank you

Solution 1 Answered by Steve Cohen

You must reformat your drive and reinstall 98. Here is a very basic procedure:
A:\Fdisk - delete primary partition, reboot
A:\Fdisk - create new primary partition, reboot
A:\Format primary partition, reboot
Boot from win98 cd and reinstall


Question 48

Submitted by Gary

Hi; I've recently had to reinstall Windows 98. However, now when I start the computer, instead of getting a choice of users to log on with a password, I have to enter the user name and password. How to I reset things to allow me to choose the user from a list and only enter the their password? Thanks in advance.

Solution 1 Answered by Stephen Koochis

Hello Gary,  I do not have win98 setup at the moment so I am going by memory.  I believe that if you right click on your network neighborhood icon on the desktop you will be brought to a general tab or something.  There will be options there for how you want to log into windows, I am not sure of the exact words, but one of the options will be like client for windows, or maybe family or something.  Just have a look in there, one of those options will make the machine boot up and provide a drop down list of users.    Sorry I cannot be more specific, maybe one of the other techs here, will see this and provide more specific details.


Question 38

Submitted by ?

Hi, I just upgraded my browser to IE6 Beta and found the QuickTime plug-in is not working any longer. Any solutions ?

Solution 1 Answered by Michael Kircus

They aren't currently compatible, but they should work in the final version, either that or Apple will release an update.


Question 40

Submitted by Andrew

Dear Sir / Madam, I would be very grateful if you could assist me with a computer related problem. I have recently been given a second-hand PC and have discovered that it doesn't have a CD ROM connected to it. Is there any way in which I can transfer any of my existing software from CDROM to floppy disk for installation on the 'new' second-hand PC? Thank you very much in anticipation. Yours sincerely

Solution 1 Answered by Michael Kircus

It depends, because most software on CDs usually fill up the entire CD (about 650 MB, floppies hold 1.38 MB), so it could take hundreds of floppies. If you can get access to another computer, you can temporarily move the CD drive to the other PC, or just buy a CD drive, they cost as little as 50 dollars now.


Question 3

Submitted by ?

Is there a way to change the icon used by My Documents in Windows 98?

Solution 1 Answered by Michael Kircus

Under the display properties, you should see a tab called "Effects," click on that tan, and there will be a side scrolling windows. One of them will be My Documents, highlight it and select "Change Icon." You can also install Themes from the Windows 98 CD, which allow you to change it.


Question 15

Submitted by ?

help me I have a problem with my computer I have a window 98 and when I try to change the language they tell me you must have the window 98 cd-rom but I don't have it and it say's that I need a file!

Solution 1 Answered by Michael Kircus

The file it is looking for is most likely on the CD, so you will have to get a copy of the CD to install it. You can try borrowing it from a friend.


Question 27

Submitted by Mark

How do I go about reinstalling telnet.   I launch it and it doesn't respond.  I have windows 98 se  . Thanks

Solution 1 Answered by Stephen Koochis

Telnet is part of the O/S so I would not say there is a decent way for you to reinstall it.  I however think that Microsoft's telnet is something to be desired.  Do yourself a favor, download putty.  It is a great ftp program and even utilizes SSH.  That means it has the ability to have a more secure connection over regular telnet.  Here is a little blurb on it as well as a place to get it.  This is a much better program. 


Question 30

Submitted by Al

Hi, I have a problem with a Windows 2000 PC. When I try to access my CD burner, Windows reboots. It doesn't blue screen with an error message, it reboots. The event viewer shows a bug-check with a code of 0x00000050. Can you help? Al

Solution 1 Answered by Stephen Koochis

Hmmmmmm  Cdrom burners and win2k.  Well.  They do work, but usually its the software that causes the problem.  Let me think............ when I was using win2k and adaptecs cd creator, I was using the lite version and all was fine.  I then upgraded to the version 4. deluxe and it just went ballistic.  I tried firmware update, and drivers,  I eventually went back to the lite version and all was well.  We could go through the trouble of trying to figure out the code error and nit pick the program.  I would suggest trying the lite version of adaptecs cd creator, and running the burner through that.   Now if you can't even access it from the drives window to play music or something that we need to talk about looking for some conflicts in a memory address.  Hope this helps, if not let me know.


Question 4

Submitted by Bill

I just installed Norton Antivirus 7.0 due to a virus in our home computer. It deleted a couple of files that were infected and now when trying to run a windows based application like word I get the following error. Can't find SirC32.exe Do you know what this is?

Solution 1 Answered by Mean Drake

Your virus is gone but the registry changes have to be undone. The virus changes the registry so that exe files that are supposed to self execute do so via the virus file which in your case has gone missing (deleted by the antivirus). The tool mentioned in the answer above does the trick. It restores the registry key.

Solution 2 Answered by Michael Kircus

That is the virus. You can try the removal tool at, which may help restore your system.


Question 37

Submitted by Terry

I've invested time but can't find where I need change the amount of time before my modem/Internet Explorer? disconnects me from the Web during inactivity. Right now I don't actively move around in a Web site or between web sites I get disconnected after about 5 minutes.

Solution 1 Answered by Michael Kircus

Sometimes your ISP will disconnect you if you are inactive. There is an option in Windows that will disconnect you too. It is located in the modem properties, and it says Disconnect when connection may now be needed. Uncheck it, then that may help.

Solution 2 Answered by Mean Drake

Follow this to the letter>
In IE> Tools>Internet Options>Connections tab>Settings button>Advanced button in the next window.


Question 34

Submitted by Bryce

Hello, I am putting together a standardized desktop image for deployment at my company. One of the conditions is to prevent users from installing software themselves. While installing software from media (CD, floppy) is easy enough, I cannot seem to find a way to prevent downloaded programs from being installed. Any ideas? Thanks!

Solution 1 Answered by Mean Drake

When users log in as restricted users, the cannot install new programs. So do not grant admin rights and let all new users be restricted users.


Question 32

Submitted by Ted

Hi, I work on a home computer using windows 98, have an adsl connection, and use a hotmail address for my junk mail stuff. Recently, on hotmail MSN offered me a new version of explorer permanently, not v6 the preview one out now, (updated 5.5 maybe). I downloaded, tried, and erased it due to its inability to change homepages. Now, ever since then when I start up my computer I get a box entitled Internet Explorer CD-Rom content. it has two buttons to answer the query do I want to access the list of sites, Yes or No. Regardless of which I press it sits there until I close it. I just reinstalled windows98 and yet it still comes up with every boot of my computer. how do I get rid of this flippin' box! Thanks

Solution 1 Answered by Mean Drake

Run the msconfig tool to se what programs are starting up with windows and try to locate/disable this one.
Did you uninstall the offending software or did you just delete the program directory.


Question 23

Submitted by Benjamin

Hello, my name is Benjamin Kelley, and I have a copy of Windows XP Professional Beta 2. I was able to install and use this program at one point in time...however, that time has come and gone. I am running an Athlon 1.0 ghz system complete with 512mb RAM, a 20gig hard drive (with like 18gig free) and a decent 32 meg video card. I went on vacation, and left my computer unattended, trusting that my parents would not break it....but boy, was I wrong. At that point in time, I was running a tri-boot of WinMe, Win2000 pro, and WinXP Pro. But, when I got back, I learned that my mom used a corrupted floppy disk on my computer, which caused all sorts of fun errors throughout all three of my operating systems. That's all fine and dandy, however, now that I have reformatted my system, I am not able to use my WinXP disk to reinstall the program. I get errors saying that files can not be copied during the installation, and I even get fun "stop" messages. I checked my CD rom drive, and that works fine. Any help that you could give me would be much appreciated - just send any opinions or fixes to my email address. (Oh yeah, and by the way, my Windows 2000 is doing the same thing - cant copy files and the such. Thanks for your time.

Solution 1 Answered by Mean Drake

Did you format all the partitions. I ask as I want to rule out a virus.
Also if all partitions were formatted, then this is what looks like a hardware problem. Faulty RAM will very often do this.


Question 22

Submitted by Kai

My first question: I have run a system utilities program from On track and seem to have deleted the device drivers that come in Windows. I have not been able to install a USB PCI card from Belkin and they do not provide drivers for it. They say the windows drivers will support their product. However, when I look in the CABS folder, there are no .inf files (which someone told me are the format of the windows device drivers). I do not have a Win 98 cd, as the OS was preinstalled on my system.
Second question: when I first set up my system, I created a password to log on to windows. How can I skip this password stage on startup to speed the startup process. I no longer have the need for a windows password. thanks!

Solution 1 Answered by Mean Drake

Delete the username.pwl file form the windows folder. When you reboot you will be asked for a password. Click OK on an empty password field.
For the first query ... what steps are you taking to install the Card? Do it via tha the Control Panel>Add new hardware. if you do not have the Windows CD you might be out of luck.


Question 11

Submitted by Bob

I'm running WinMe and have installed a tt font into the fonts folder successfully, however the font does not appear on either the word or outlook express pull down under fonts, thanks in advance.

Solution 1 Answered by Mean Drake
How did you successfully install the font. Did you just copy the font file there. That's not the way to do it. You have to be in the Fonts folder in Windows explorer and then click on File>Install new font.
If you have done that, just double-click the font file in there and see if the file has not been corrupted.

Question 8

Submitted by Tuong

Hi, I recently added a second cpu to my windows 2000, but the OS isn't using my second cpu, the bios and my computer finds it but I don't know how to enable it under windows 2000. Tried searching on Microsoft web site but couldn't find anything useful. If I do a fresh install on a different drive it works fine. Any help would be appreciated.

Solution 1 Answered by Steve Cohen

You must reinstall Win2000 as the second processor is only detected during installation


Question 19

Submitted by Marina

after installing Windows Media Player upgrade for Windows Me the visualizations have lost resolution and the connections are casual. the MSN site does not offer uninstalling facility.  how can I remove just the upgrade instead of the whole program? I have ATI Radeon64 and Creative5.1. thank you.

Solution 1 Answered by Stephen Koochis

Hello Marina,   Not sure what you upgraded to.. was it WMP7?  If it was Note: Windows Media Player 7.0 comes standard on WinMe. To run Windows Media Player 6.4, search for the file "mplayer2.exe" You may uninstall WMP 7.0 if you so desire.( ueah ok )  If it was not WMP7  then I suggest you try this bit of news.  I myself have never used it, so you are on your own. NEWS:  Just days before the official release of Windows Me (Millennium Edition), Microsoft is coming under fire for its decision to force the inclusion of Windows Media Player and Windows Movie Maker in all Windows Me installs. While installing Windows Me, the user is forced to install Windows Media Player and Windows Movie Maker. After installing Windows Me, there is no option to uninstall the software.  For those inclined, there is a shareware program available entitled Win98Lite ME that will remove the Microsoft forced software installs. In fact, the up to 590 MB install size of Windows Me can be trimmed to a workable 70 MB.  Give it  a try.


Question 17

Submitted by Carrie

I have an autistic son who does amazing things to puters. We got him his own puter but he still gets into others in the house and deletes and moves folders. He gets past the passwords at start up and on screensavers, so these are of no help. He even found that instead of shutting off the puter he can cause it to do an illegal function and this allows him to get into windows. Is there anything we can do to keep him from gaining access to these aside from removing the plugs on the puter. So far this is the only idea we can think of and as you could guess it would make it hard for us to then use the puters.  Any ideas or help would be appreciated as it is really annoying having to reload puters on a monthly basis(sometimes weekly).  Thank you

Solution 1 Answered by Stephen Koochis

Hello Carrie,  send your son over to my house. We have a few banks we would like to talk too.  :)  I would suggest maybe a more secure environment.  If you are already rebuilding PCs. give win2k professional a shot.  It uses ntfs and as long as the user is not the admin, files cannot be deleted.  If he finds a way, please get in touch with me ASAP. :)  Hope you found the humor.


Question 9

Submitted by Paul

I have recently installed windows 2000 Pro and had downloaded drivers for my system. Unfortunately OpenGL is not working correctly and I can only download opengl for win 95. I downloaded my graphics card drivers for win 2k but it wont install it says Program to big to fit in memory (screen shot attached). Is there anything I can do?

Solution 1 Answered by Stephen Koochis

Paul,   you need to seek out reference drivers  for your video card.  They can be found on the web, you just have to look.  Look for ones that offer opengl support for your video cards chipset.  It might be a nvidia chipset or something.  They are out there.  I wish I had a link to a reference driver site, but just look that up and I am sure you will find something.


Question 7

Submitted by Andy

Any ideas on what permissions need to be set in Win2K to allow "Users" access to the CD-RW drive for creating CDs ?

Solution 1 Answered by Stephen Koochis

Andy,    This question actually gets a lot of attention around here.  My question to you is, does it really matter if users have the ability to burn CDs?  Is the data on the machine in unprotected folders that all users have access too any way?  If the environment is secure then what does it matter if users have Full Control of the cd burners?   If you just want to give them access to the drive, give them modify.  I think you can get away with read & execute, read and list folder contents.  The determining factor here to me is " What am I afraid of?"  Determine this and that will determine your decision on user permissions. 


Question 1

Submitted by ?

my son-in-law gave me a PC with windows nt4 on it. he asked me to erase the hard drive and install win98. for various reasons I cannot do it. my bigger problem is that my P.C. on POST(power on self test) says I have a 301 KEYBOARD ERROR(it is not the keyboard).BUT I have no control over the machine. I cant do anything. what the P.C. does is show me is a diagram with function keys on the bottom(with flashing arrows over the F1 key),and it appears that a flashing arrow is going from bottom to top asking? what appears as a floppy to be inserted!!!!  P.S. if I try to install win98 it will install BUT when you try to restart the above diagram and error message appear!! haven't a clue.

Solution 1 Answered by Stephen Koochis

Hello there, Not sure if you were able to do it or not.  If the machine had NT on it I would find the utility delpart.exe and delete the ntfs partition where NT once lived.  Prior to that I would make sure the keyboard was plugged into the right spot on the back ofthe PC or check to see if a key is stuck.  I am not sure what kind of PC it is, but base on what you are saying about the arrow over the floppy, seems like a laptop ( ibm ) maybe.  In this case there might be a drive error.  Write me back and tell me what happens when the PC is turned on.  Do not press anything.  Just tell me the errors.  If you are getting a keyboard error, then you must be pressing something to get past it, unless it is not set to halt on errors.  I need more information to better troubleshoot.  But check that keyboard first.  If we can't type, we can't do anything.


Question 18

Submitted by Terri

I am really frustrated at the moment but maybe you can advise me.  I loaded windows xp about 3 weeks ago.  It ate the memory on my 4g hd and crashed it.  I have a 15g hd that I made the master to try and get it up and running and retrieve WinXP.  I have a restore cd from compaq, a 98se cd, and a 95 cd.  The only one that would work is the 95 cd which is no help.  When I attempt to restore, I get a missing file message for "MSVBVM60.DLL" which is new from my previous restores on this computer.  How do I get back to 98se?  thanks

Solution 1 Answered by Stephen Koochis

Hello Terri,   At this point and time I would strongly urge you to boot to a Dos disk and fdisk the drive.  Create a C and data D drive, and reinstall win98.  Even if you got win98 back after this hack job, would you trust its stability?  If there is data you need I suggest the boot disk as well, and then look for your data from the command line saving it to floppy, or add a 2nd hd and copy it there while you restore the C to useable status.  Hope this is a direction.  I mean there are lots of things you can do, including using the compaq restore cd and getting it back that way.  I would re-fdisk, reformat, reinstall. 


Question 14

Submitted by Terri

I am one of those unlucky people who bought a computer with 98se installed. Now WinXP crashed and all I have is the 98se cd and a 95 cd.  I installed 95 hoping I could install se over it.  You know the rest.  Any suggestions? thanks

Solution 1 Answered by Stephen Koochis

Duplicated Question > Hello Terri,   At this point and time I would strongly urge you to boot to a Dos disk and fdisk the drive.  Create a C and data D drive, and reinstall win98.  Even if you got win98 back after this hack job, would you trust its stability?  If there is data you need I suggest the boot disk as well, and then look for your data from the command line saving it to floppy, or add a 2nd hd and copy it there while you restore the C to usuable status.  Hope this is a direction.  I mean there are lots of things you can do, including using the compaq restore cd and getting it back that way.  I would re-fdisk, reformat, reinstall.


Question 12

Submitted by Bailey

I have been trying to install a variety of new software on my computer running Windows 98 second edition. Some of the programs install correctly, while others give me this error message: Setup is unable to find a hard disk location to store temporary firles.Make at least 898kb* free disk space available and then try running Setup again. Error 101. *sometimes this number changes I have tried setting the TEMP folder to SET TEMP=C:\TEMP in Autoexec.bat, but that did not solve the problem. Clearing out the TEMP folder did not resolve anything either. Please tell me what is causing this problem. Thank you.

Solution 1 Answered by Mean Drake

Clear out not your C:\temp but also your :\windows\Temp folder.
Then run scandisk and defrag and in a majority of the cases your problem will be solved.


Question 2

Submitted by Robert

There is way (I know because I saw it done), to set whatever DVD movie you happen to be watching as the background wallpaper on your desktop! I'm not talking about a screen shot or screen capture, but the actual movie playing as the wallpaper! This is a really cool feature, but the problem is, I can't remeber how to do it. Do you guys know how this neat trick is done?

Solution 1 Answered by Mean Drake

Rather than being a cool trick I feel it is more a capability of the DVD player software that must have been used to play the DVD. There must be an option for full screen mode. I can even watch VCDs in full screen mode in Windows media Player by pressing Alt-Enter.


Question 45

Submitted by Kelvin

Hi, I have a question that I just can't figure out why and no where I can find answer for it, so I try to ask you. Hope can help. I try to connect 2 computers (1 PC running win2000 prof + 1 laptop running win ME). I have network card on both machines. I bought a cable from the shop too. Now I have all the equipments that I need, just wondering how I can network up these 2 computers. When I installed win2k, it asked me to setup a network connection for the network card that I have, and I don't know what I suppose to do with that. Also, the one running win2k will be the access point to the Internet, which I want to share with the laptop. When I startup my computer, it just say "Network cable unplugged". Hope can help. Is it possible to connect the two without a hub at all, coz I'm not using a hub and I'm using UTP 10BaseT cable. Really desperate in getting it to work. Hope can help. Thanks

Solution 1 Answered by Steve Cohen

Imp assuming you are using dial up for your internet connection.  To share the connection and link up the 2 computers, you need a hub and you need to assign a specific IP address to each pc.  There are other ways to link up the 2 pc's (direct cable connection, serial or usb) but the hub way is the easiest.  You also need to set up internet connection sharing on the machine making the dial up connection.


Question 50

Submitted by ?

Hi sir. I have a problem with my computer: it hangs very much. I'd like to know why does a computer hang and how can I prevent it from hanging. Thanks a lot.

Solution 1 Answered by Steve Cohen

Without knowing more, heat, dust buildup, hardware conflicts, ect.. are usually the most common culprits.


Question 55

Submitted by Bill

hi, need to install the windows desktop update to a windows 95 system.. this update should add the active desktop feature and a few other things to the os... I can not find the update anywhere. can you please help

Solution 1 Answered by Steve Cohen

It is very hard if not impossible to find it on Microsoft's site as they are trying not to support Win95 any more. Try looking through all your old cd's for a copy.


Question 57

Submitted by Michael

My Windows 98 (SE) says that my C drive is 4.9 GB in size, however, when I look at Fdisk utility it correctly shows the 2 partitions, one of 15 GB the other of 12 GB divided into 2 additional drives (D and E). So, it appears that Win98 is not recognizing the full 15 GB of C. When you go to DOS and run chkdsk it also reports the C drive as only being 4.9 GB. Thank you.

Solution 1 Answered by Steve Cohen

Not sure without more info, but, did you ever see the full 15gb?.  There may be a corruption in your FAT table.  A utility like Norton Utilities 2001 can repair bad fat tables and allow the OS to report free space correctly.


Question 58

Submitted by ?

Windows 98,I try to open Outlook I get this program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down.Details:
OUTLOOK caused an invalid page fault in
module <unknown> at 0000:00000009.
EAX=0000008a CS=017f EIP=00000009 EFLGS=00010202
EBX=6dcc96d5 SS=0187 ESP=0062f8c8 EBP=0062f920
ECX=28f96200 DS=0187 ESI=0062f928 FS=527f
EDX=0000008a ES=0187 EDI=00000002 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
00 22 05 65 04 70 00 65 04 70 00 54 ff 00 f0 08
Stack dump:
00000187 6c1736f0 0062f928 61dd6a89 0000008a 0062f928 00000002 0062f928 0062f920 6dcc96d5 6dd0ed42 0000008a 0062f928 00000002 00000000 6dcc96f5

Solution 1 Answered by Steve Cohen

Backup your *.pst file.  Uninstall and reinstall outlook.  This is much easier and less time consuming than trying to figure it out.  Also,  before reinstalling, be sure to delete anything the uninstaller leaves behind.


Question 41

Submitted by Vincent

I just installed several programs that require Active Desktop. I am currently running NT with IE 5.5, how can I implement Active Desktop with this configuration? I read somewhere that I have to install IE 4.01 first, then reinstall IE 5.5, is this the only way? Regards

Solution 1 Answered by Steve Cohen

Yes it is the only way.  If you upgraded from IE4 to 5.5 then you should be able to uninstall to the previous version, then install the active desktop component of IE4 then go back to IE5.5.  If not it cant be done unless you reinstall NT from scratch then follow the above procedure.


Question 13

Submitted by Irene

I want the active desktop that came with IE 4.0. I installed 5.5 and lost it. The IE 4.0 is not on my hard drive any longer. I also receive an error message " this operation has been canceled due to restrictions on your computer" when trying to access the options folder in the IE 5.5 Thanks in advance

Solution 1 Answered by Steve Cohen

Please see this post:

Yes it is the only way.  If you upgraded from IE4 to 5.5 then you should be able to uninstall to the previous version, then install the active desktop component of IE4 then go back to IE5.5.  If not it cant be done unless you reinstall NT from scratch then follow the above procedure.

as for the restrictions thing, that usually happens when you are using a corporate pc in the company you work for, and they are able to restrict what you do to your pc. If not, microsoft technet may shed some light.


Question 6

Submitted by Karen

I cannot get my help and support page {system restore} to work, when i go on to the help and support page it always says it cannot be displayed, when i go to system restore in the folder the page is empty, and to top it off i am getting error messages when i go into my computer it reads object dosnt support this property or method and also file//c:windows\web\system.http it has different errors on the different folders dont no why its happening think i will take it in but if u can help i would reallllly appericiate it thanks

Solution 1 Answered by Steve Cohen

Sounds like registry errors.  A reinstall of Windows Me may do the trick.  Try to avoid "bringing it in" for software errors like you are having.  Perhaps get a friend who knows something about computers to take a look.  Or, if you work for a company with a good computer support department,  ask one of the techs to look at it for you.  It will be a lot cheaper than "bringing it in".


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