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Welcome to AskAW! This section of our web site lets you submit questions about any problems/queries that you may have about Windows. Be it from a little icon that annoys you to hardware freezing your PC, we will try and help you out. You can submit your questions by e-mailing us at  You can browse through previous questions over at our Archive Page.  Who knows what you might find.

Here are the answered questions for 09-28-2001


Question 18

Submitted by Roberto

Dear Sir, I have a Kernel32.dll 0167:bff767lf error.How can I fix it? Thank you for your help

Solution 1 Answered by Simon Ferris

Without knowing the rest of the error message try 
with the full details of the program that caused the error in Kernel32


Question 23

Submitted by Nick

Hi askaw i was hoping you could solve a problem for me. How do I delete addresses in the standard tool bar, file drop down box. No matter what i try i just cant find how this is done in windows media player 7. Please solve this problem for me.

Solution 1 Answered by Simon Ferris

Use regedit My Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\MediaPlayer\Player\RecentFileList and delete the entries from there.


Question 30

Submitted by ?

HI I have windows I can clean viruses on folder _restore... those fileses are protected...I have troj BSHTRML.11S and troj ICMP...?something.. so what program I need and how I can acces those protected files Thank you

Solution 1 Answered by Michael Kircus

Open the system properties, go to the Performance tab, select the File System button, then select the Advanced tab, then check "Disable System Restore". Then, restart, and repeat the steps to turn on System Restore.


Question 22

Submitted by ?

I`m finding a updated driver (conexant softk56, data, fax, voice PCI modem )for windows xp

Solution 1 Answered by Michael Kircus

Check your manufacturer, if they don't have one, then there probably isn't one.

Solution Answered by Mike Poole

WinXp has a built in driver for this modem.


Question 34

Submitted by William

I have directories in my ftproot that I cannot delete, even as Admin. I did not create them.  They are C:\Inetpub\ftproot\ \taGGed\ . by United-FXP\com1 How can I delete them?  I've tried, no permission or file not found... no properties.

Solution 1 Answered by Mike Poole

Yep, because the directory has an illegal character in it, Wndows does not know how to handle it. The only way I have been able to delete things like this is to boot with a DOS disk and do it manually.


Question 33

Submitted by Cheryl

help!!! I recently installed winME and have am now having tremendous performance problems. Mainly sticking, including when trying to type at times. I am suspecting that either my mother board or bios or processor is the problem but I don't know which it might me and/or what to replace or fix to see if it helps. I have a Epox Mvp3-2c motherboard, 128 mg of ram, with a AMD K6 with 3 D processor. Any suggestions?

Solution 1 Answered by Mike Poole

Go to the System Properties applet in the Control Panel, then go to the Devices tab and see if there are any red x's or yellow exlamation points that would indicate there is a problem. If that does not show any problems, sometimes a defrag has been known to clear up issues like this.


Question 32

Submitted by Hermes

How can I change CDROM drive letters in win2k (I know how to in win98) Thanks

Solution 1 Answered by Mike Poole

Go to the Administrative Tools, then Computer Management. You will see a Storage section, Disk Manager is what you need.


Question 29

Submitted by Mark

Hi guys.  The mouse wont work on my PC - a message said it could not find vmouse.vxd.  This started when I treid to purge my PC of a duff UMAX scanner and associated mentions in all files. I think I must have deleted something I shouldn't have. I've tried to scan the net to find a vmouse.vxd file which I've failed to discover but I'm not sure I even know what to do with it if I find one! I dont have the Win98 CD anymore either and I'm navigating the PC using keystrokes - a good lesson but hard work!  Please help!

Solution 1 Answered by Mike Poole

If its a generic or Microsoft compatable mouse, try download the driver off of the MS site. Or you can see if the install files are actually on the hard drive, if you go to the Windows folder and see an Options folder and inside that is a CAB folder, then the install files are on the hard drive. In that case, you can remove the mouse from the Device Manager and then reboot and let it find it or manually add it with the Add New Hardware wizzard.


Question 28

Submitted by ?

I get occasional monitor crash with "invalid scan freq." I have to reboot to correct it. I think the problem may be with QuickTime in control panel I have two QuickTime icons if I click on the latest one downloaded from the web all is ok, if I click on the old icon from an earlier version the monitor crashes I cannot find a way to delete the earlier QuickTime icon in control panel, the fault also appears in Norton system works on the multimedia tab of system info, the hardware test in Norton shows all hardware as correct can you help please.

Solution 1 Answered by Mike Poole

Make sure the monitor listed in your Device Manager is actually the monitor you have. If windows does not list the exact model you have, check the manufactures web site to see if they have a monitor INF file or they list another monitor that has similar capabilities.


Question 27

Submitted by Tom

I just install Windows 98 on a new hard drive, I use to have a box that showed all the users at start up for my family and we would just select our name then enter our password, How can I activate this function?

Solution 1 Answered by Mike Poole

Go to the Networking applet in Control Panel and if Microsoft Family Logon is not listed, click the ADD button, then double click Client, then in the left pain select Mircosoft then in the right pain select Microsoft Family Logon.


Question 19

Submitted by Richard

Hi there, I have an old dos program that needs to access the com ports, specifically COM1 and COM2. I know that this program runs properly from a DOS window in windows 98se, however, I am having trouble getting the program to run in a command window in win2000. Is there anything that I can do? Thanks

Solution 1 Answered by Mike Poole

Unfortunatly this is one of the reasons Windows 2000, and all NT variations, is so stable. It does not let any one program have exclusive control of inportant I/O components of the computer. You could try to use a SET MODE command to try and get that command session to at least recoginize that a com port is present, but I gave up on trying this, and just archived all my old DOS programms.


Question 26

Submitted by ?

Thank you for offering help with questions no one else seems to want to answer. While on the phone with a Gateway tech (about a different issue) he mentioned "sharing" disk drives to form one logical drive. I just installed a 40 GB Maxtor drive into my mothers Windows98 SE computer (I run MS-DOS 5.0) in addition to her 10 GB Maxtor drive. Physical installation was easy, jumper the new drive as slave and cable it up, two drives C: and D:. I left the 10 GB drive as C: because that is where all her programs and data are. Now I need to join these two physical drives into one logical drive that responds as drive C:. Gateway declined to help because we didn't buy the drive from them even though this is a Windows98 SE issue (which we did buy from them). Microsoft's web site was also of no help. I have searched the web for a week now and learned many interesting things, but not how to create this logical drive. Any help you may be able to offer will be greatly appreciated.

Solution 1 Answered by Mike Poole

To my knowledge, Windows 98 does not support this feature, however NT4 and Windows 2000 do.
Forgot to add, there are utilities that can copy one drive to another. I personally use Norton Ghost, it lets you copy an old hard drive to a new one and the system will never know the difference.


Question 16

Submitted by ?

I have processed the config.sys and autoexe.bat files in the system configuration utility without making a backup of these files.Now i face a problem with the CDrom.I take a message saying the device is not ready although the drive is recognised.Could you help me?My operating system is Win98SE and my CDrom drive is an ACER 50x max.

Solution 1 Answered by Mike Poole

Try renaming thse files to something else, as most Win98 machines do not need anything in either one of these files to work.


Question 15

Submitted by Fred

Is there an easy way to gain PowerPoint slide and document viewing capability with MS works suite 2000?

Solution 1 Answered by Mike Poole

Microsoft does offer a free Power Point player.


Question 4

Submitted by Nick

I am looking for a hotfix to solve a problem I am having in Windows 2000 Professional. It is listed as one of the fixes in SP3, but I need a solution now, as it prohibits effective use of several of my employees' PCs. Microsoft's website says they have a hotfix for it, but I cannot find where to download it. The issue is Q294690. Where would I find this hotfix download on Microsoft's site? Thanks! Sincerely

Solution 1 Answered by Mike Poole

Its not downloadable, you need to request it from tech support.


Question 40

Submitted by Dave

Dear AW, I am running Windows 98. I had a Yamaha CDRW drive that used Adaptec's CD Creator and CD Direct. I am replacing the drive and want to remove the two Adaptec Programs. I went thru the uninstall programs and removed them from my Hard Drive. But when I run Msconfig.exe, the two programs still show up under the "STARTUP" list. When I look in the directories where it says they should be, I don't see them. Any suggestions on how to remove them form the "STARTUP" list? Regards

Solution 1

Answered by Mean Drake

Since you have already uninstalled them from the control panel>Add remove programs, also delete their folders. This will still not remove the entries in the MSConfig. To do this run regedit, remove the references to these in HKEY_Current_User/Software/Microsoft/Windows/Current Version/Run as well as from
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft/Windows/Current Version/Run
This should remove the references to them in the MsConfig utility. If they are not listed there, see where they are starting up from then...Startup folder on start menu, Win.ini file or System.ini file though these are less likely.

Question 36

Submitted by ?

when i start my pc, and as soon as the windows starts, it pops up a 'security alert' with some description like this.... "the file or folder you are opening contains Web Content that may be unsafe. The web content had either been modified of is from an unknown source. Do you want to allow it to be intializad and be accessed by scripts?" when i click ok/cancel { i had tried both }, another pops up come out! -- like this... INTERNET EXPLORER an antiveX control on this page might be unsafe to interact with other parts of the page. Do you want to allow this interaction? so i click yes/no ( i tried both )... and then, my pc runs like normal... but, when i open a folder, the same message comes out for every time a folder is opened! why do these things happen... and how to fixed it... for your information, i use internet explorer 5.5 and use windows ME... and, here another weird things happen, when i load internet explorer 5.5, automatically, in start > documents > , two new document titled 'help' is in there... after i clear it, and open IE, it appears in there again! this is actually a shortcut to C:\WINDOWS\Help.hta and C:\windows\help.vbs so....i try to delete this file, but, after i delete it, it will appear again!

Solution 1 Answered by Mean Drake
Virus attack is what I would think. See Your Start Menu>Programs>Startup folder. There might be a file like *.hta there that might be causing this behaviour. Delete that. And scan your PC for viruses with an antivirus program with the latest updates.

Question 31

Submitted by Jeff

I have just recently upgraded my other computer and after the upgrade everything works fine with the exception of the Sound Blaster 128 card. I removed all the "System Devices" prior to the exchange of items and all have been found and drivers installed including the SNDBLST card. The problem is that even though the sound card is found and says it is working correctly, I have no speaker icon on the desktop and in Multimedia it says I have no playback device, recording device ect... What can I do to fix this.

Solution 1 Answered by Mean Drake

You did not mention the operating system. You might have to go to Control Panel>Sounds/Multimedia to manually check whether the correct devices are selected there for the multimedia functions. The peaker icon can also be activated from there.


Question 24

Submitted by Kevin

I recently upgraded a computer from running Windows 98 to Windows Me. The computer was set up with Internet Connection Sharing.  Now I get these two error messages: WUAUCLT hascaused an error in unknown WUAUCLT will now close and ICSMGR.EXE has caused an error in unknown Then after leaving the computer running for awhile it really boggs down with the mouse pointer flashing repeatedly.  When I unplug the PC from the network it works just fine. Any ideas Thanks

Solution 1 Answered by Mean Drake

Try disabling the Automatic update feature of Windows ME. Instead go to manually for these.


Question 20

Submitted by ?

what does the AMR, CNR & AGP slots present in the motherboard. how many bits are they i.e. 32bit or 64 bit or more. how to identify these slots waht is the color of these slots. are these slots for some specific card i.e for sound card or display card etc

Solution 1 Answered by Mean Drake

AMR  ... Audio Modem Riser Slot  See here:,,sid25_gci213589,00.html   CNR: Communications/Network Riser Look here  AGP is accelerated Graphics port For Graphics cards.



Question 17

Submitted by Russell

Hi, I'm new to Windows 2000. 2 questions: Is there a way to set it up to automatically logon with a certain user? Is there a way to force all users to have the same settings, etc. (particularly Start Menu, Desktop, and My Documents contents)? Thanks!

Solution 1 Answered by Mean Drake

Control Panel>Users...On the first tab..Uncheck the box for "Users must enter a name and password to use this computer"


Question 14

Submitted by Bruce

How do I change my Internet Explorer banner text? I just upgraded from IE5.5 to IE6.0 and it did not help. "It still says Microsoft Internet Explorer provided by America OnLine" This is added to whatever page's title is. This is frustrating.

Solution 1 Answered by Mean Drake

Open regedit. Search for a key called Window Title (Edit.Find) When you find it, it will have this text entry of America Online Delete the Window Title Key.


Question 12

Submitted by Jeff

I would like to know the procedure to install a new upgrade video card for Win98SE? How do I uninstall the old video graphic drivers in Windows 98SE? (What is the procedure) ? Please reply ASAP!

Solution 1 Answered by Mean Drake

In most cases, just changing the display adapter will prompt for drivers for the new card and installing these will let you run just fine. If you manually want to delete the old driver files...Before you change your card just make a note of the drivers it is using from the Control Panel>System>Device manager tab.


Question 11

Submitted by Dee

Good Morning I have a problem with windows 98 se? I have installed a 32 bit sound card I get no sound at all?None of the media devices have sound.Everything in device manager show that everything is recognized and is working correctly BUT I dont have any sound (no window default sound either? I dont know what to do at this point. I have reinstalled the sound card and windows 98se already. Any ideas as to what I can do now? Thanks

Solution 1 Answered by Mean Drake

Is the speaker Icon visible in your systray? Double click it and see if you have muted anything here. Also in Control panel>Multimedia see if the correct audio device has been selected.


Question 10

Submitted by ?

Dear Sir, I am using NT4 on Pentium III macine. Of late a new problem has come up. 1.when I open the IE6 on the Yahoo home page the Bold Yahoo Heading in read does not display. 2.Also the embedded movies on Webpages do not display. Quicktime symbol comes up but the message This page potentialy unsafe information to an ActiveX control. your present security settings prohibit running controls in this manner. as a result the page may not display properly. Though Actually Security settiings have not been changed this message comes & the movie content does not display while earlier it was displaying. How to correct this problem Regards

Solution 1 Answered by Mean Drake

IE 6.0 has a problem with quicktime. Get the free download of the updated Quicktime player from the apple site. The read yahoo! is just a gif file. No reason why that should not display.


Question 9

Submitted by Ralph

I need to move all my personal information from MS Outlook. Most importantly my contacts and bookmarks. Can you tell me what file extensions I need to copy and move?

Solution 1 Answered by Mean Drake

Go to File...Export. You can export your address book and mail folders and use them in another email program where you can import them. For mail folders the extension is pst and for address book you can export to a number of formats like MS Access dBase, CSV.


Question 58

Submitted by ?

I repeatedly get the message:msimn cuased fault in wsock 32.ddl. I have installed adsoff. Has it aldo to do with the fact that i get no radiosound? What can i do ?  thanks

Solution 1 Answered by Simon Ferris

When you attempt to quit Outlook Express 5, you may receive one of the following error messages:
MSIMN caused an invalid page fault in module WSOCK32.DLL
MSIMN caused an invalid page fault in module KERNEL32.DLL
This behavior can occur if you are running Intercan Tech AdsOff! or PopOff! . These programs may replace the Wsock32.dll with an earlier version of the file.
To resolve this behavior, use one of the following methods. NOTE: If you receive the first error message listed, use Method 1 or Method 2. If you receive the second error message, use Method 3.
Method 1
Use the System File Checker tool to extract a new copy of the Wsock32.dll file from your original Windows 98 CD-ROM or disks to the Windows\System folder.
For information about how to extract files using the System File Checker tool, please see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
Q129605 How to Extract Original Compressed Windows Files
Method 2
Remove AdsOff! using the Add/Remove Programs tool in Control Panel, and then download the latest version of AdsOff!. For additional information about how to remove AdsOff!, and download the latest version, please contact Intercan Tech.
For information about the AddsOff! program, see the following Intercan Tech Web site:
To download the latest AddsOff! program, visit the following Intercan Tech Web site:
Method 3
Remove PopOff! or ONTrack! using the Add/Remove Programs tool in Control Panel. For additional information about how to remove PopOff!, please contact Intercan Tech. For information about ONTrack!, please contact the manufacturer of the program.
AdsOff! is a small program that works with your browser to filter out Internet advertisements before your browser downloads them. It can selectively filter out ads, including large banner ads. AdsOff! runs in the background when you start your Web browser.
PopOff! is a small program that works with your browser to disable pop-up windows. PopOff! runs in the background when you start your Web browser.
For more information, visit InterCan Tech's Web page at


Question 55

Submitted by ?

I am running Win98 and all I am able to get is 2 or 16 collors when I go into my settings. why is that? I would have thought that the least I would get is 256 colors. But it doesn't even show 256 or 16 bits of colors. What can I do to get all my colors?

Solution 1 Answered by Mike Poole

Try installing the proper driver for your video card. If you know those are installed correctly, check the device manager to make sure there are no conflicts with other devices in the system.


Question 69

Submitted by ?

 I have the Presario 5000 model 5WV280 with the HSP56 WDM Device when I install xp it eliminates the device hence cannot connect to the internet, cannot get help from Compaq, Please Help Thanks

Solution 1 Answered by Mike Poole

Install the Windows 2000 version of the driver for this modem, that should solve your problem.


Question 70

Submitted by ?

Greetings :-) Just found your site today, nice work. Well laid out and practical information. I have a question. I just loaded W2K Professional in my PC at home. It is an AMD 1200 with an ASUS 266MB, Advansys SSCI UW (80MB) 2 x 9 GB. Drives. 756 MB Ram ASUS GeForce II w/32 MB ram. Toshiba DVD. On board Sound. A 3Com 3C905b NIC. My network is controlled with a NetGear switch and my Efficient ADSL modem is accessed via a NetGear router. I have other workstations on my network and they are fine. My new box works great and is very fast. The only software on it is Visio 5 and Office 2000 Premium. After all was installed and checked for function, I tried IE5 and got an error on availability of connection. When I hit the retry, it worked fine. Now it does this all the time. I then thought I might upgrade to IE6. This corrected that problem. Then I lost the ability to get to web sites entirely, some hours later. I reset my modem, switch and router to no avail. I rebooted, still nothing. I can ping intra and inter nets, but no pages (www or http). I next tried to determine the MTU and TTL. Set them up according to findings... still no pages. I get the default IE "Page not found- would you like IE to test your settings" page. I tried this too, nope. I have not installed SP2 as yet, but have trouble believing that this will correct my problem. In a passing moment of brilliance, I thought to retro-grade my IE back to the IE5. The original problem of not finding the LAN path to the Internet is back (in all its glory) and when I click on the retry, it finds the "can't load page" page, same as IE6. AAAARRRGGGG!!!!! I can send and receive email, ping the world over, but no pretty pictures :-( Please, if you can think of anything, I would be duly grateful. One last note.... Is it normal for W2K to assign several resources to IRQ 9? My sound card and all of its components, my nic, my usb bus, seems to me there should be issues with this, but they all seem to work (except for above). Respectfully

Solution 1 Answered by Mike Poole

Go to the connections tab of Internet Tools and click the LAN Settings button. See if the box for AUTOMATICLY DETECT SETTINGS is checked, if not, check it, and see if this helps.


Question 68

Submitted by ?

When installing windows XP an error occurs, lsasrv.dll can't be installed and hence the setup fails. Any suggestions?

Solution 1 Answered by Mike Poole

Only thing I can think is wrong is that you have a bad copy.

Solution 2 Answered by Charles Putnam

The only other possibility (I ran into this on one system) is that if you have an "older" system (something running an original Pentium chip, not a PII, PIII or P4), there may be a BIOS limitation as to the size of the hard disk the motherboard can handle. If this is the case, then there may be no work-around.
Let us know your system specs


Question 66

Submitted by Scott

How do you get rid of one side of a dual booting machine in Windows XP ? Any help is greatly appreaciated

Solution 1 Answered by Mike Poole

Go to System Properties, then click the Advanced tab, then click the Settings button for Startup And Recovery. Then click the edit button to edit the startup file and just remove the line/s for the options you don't want it to have. Be warned though, if WinXP is not on the boot drive, this procedure will be more complicated.


Question 61

Submitted by Doug

Hi! Don't know if you can help, but here goes: I have: AMD 1Ghz, 256Mb, shuttle ak12a mainboard,Win98se, SB Live Platinum card, GEforce2 video, (2) 20Gig hard drives, DVD drive, R/W drive..... I get POPS and CLICKS whenever I record something to file (hard drive) with any sound applications using my SB sound card. I believe it has to do with my soundcard sharing IRQ with other devices on the PCI bus. I don't know how to change this around. I've already changed to a couple different open slots and have downloaded the latest bios and drivers. I don't know my way around IRQ assignments as well as I'd like....This is driving me nuts!  Any suggestions?  Thankyou! 

Solution 1 Answered by Mike Poole

Doug, I doubt its an IRQ problem, as I have several cards in my system that share the same IRQ with no problems. It could be the program you are using to record with. I had a similar problem when trying to use a demo of Cool Edit 2000, it inserted dings and dongs into various places of the wav file. I finally had to resort to use an older less feature rich program to record the file I wanted. Try using the built-in sound recorder and see if it still does it.


Question 64

Submitted by ?

Greetings, I installed Norton System works and it found some viruses and cleaned them up. I also installed Windows 2000 SP 2 on my Win2K system. When I right click on the Norton Icon in the System Tray and choose Open Norton I get the following error: "Explorer.exe has generated an error and will be closed by Windows. You will need to restart the program. An error log is being created for you." When I try to run Norton System works or another Icon the hour glass comes up for several seconds and then nothing happens. Some of my apps will run like Word or Excel but others do not. What do I need to do? Thanks

Solution 1 Answered by Mike Poole

Try and see if upgrading the SYMEVNT file will fix you up, SP2 also crashed several apps on my machine.
Go to Nortons site and download the SYMEVNT.EXE file and then from the run command type this:
c:\<directory>SYMEVNT.EXE /NAVNT
This will upgrade the SYMEVNT to the newest version and seems to fix many issues with NAV.


Question 56

Submitted by Calvin

You know when you have a dial-up connection to the internet, it makes all that racket when you connect? Is there any way to shut it off? I thought I had it before, but I moved and was using a T1 connection, then I moved again, and am back to the dial-up, and now I can't remember how to make it quiet. Can you tell me how? I have Window NT 4.0 Workstation sp6, and am using Internet Explorer 5. Thanks

Solution 1 Answered by Mike Poole

There are a couple ways to do it, sometimes one way works for one modem but not another.
#1. Goto the dial-up connections and when it asks for what entry to dial, select it and then click the MORE button, then edit entry and modem properties. this will bring up the info for the connection, towards the bottom of the first tab is shows what modem to use to dial, next to it click the config button, at the bottom is a check box to turn the speaker off.
#2. Go to control panel and open the Modems applet, select the modem from the list, then click properties. If the General tab does not have a slider to turn it down or all the way off, go to the connections tab, then click the Advanced button and in the extra settings box put ATL0. this is the command to turn the speaker off.


Question 48

Submitted by ?

Hi, My computer was recently infected with numerous viruses.I had no virus detector at the time. Thought I was safe in only opening mail from people I knew. That's what I get for thinkin'. My connection to my keyboard is completely shot. I have to use an onscreen keyboard. I have used Norton's AntiVirus program, but still have no access to the keyboard. I am getting these messages when I turn the computer on: Stmgr has caused errors in OLEAUT.DLL.....and in KERNEL32.DLL.....and in WINTRUST.DLL. How do I go about repairing these? It's aweful hard w/no use of a keyboard. PLEASE HELP.

Solution 1 Answered by Mike Poole

Have you tried to scan and remove any viri with the Norton Rescue Disks?
As a loast resort you could re-install the operating system, then install and update Norton as soon as that is done.


Question 6

Submitted by Juan

under tools the option selection is grayed out, how do i fix this.

Solution 1 Answered by Marc Strickland

I can not find out any information on this. What operating system are you running? With NT you may need to be logged on as administrator.


Question 62

Submitted by Jayesh

Hi, I need your help. Every time I switch on my computer and the desktop appears My Computer opens up straight away. I have looked in my start up folder and there are no programmes set to open up as soon as the desk top appears. Can you help me prevent My computer from opening every time I switch on my computer. Thank you Jayesh

Solution 1 Answered by Mean Drake

Use msconfig to see what are all the items that startup with your computer and then uncheck any you don't need.


Question 61A

Submitted by ?

Hi i cant get my pc to defragment can u help me?

Solution 1 Answered by Mean Drake

Start the PC in safe mode. Then Use Ctrl-Alt-Del to shutdown everything except Explorer and systray. Then defrag. Lets know what errors occur then.


Question 50

Submitted by ?

How do I disable the password at startup for Windows 2000 Profesional.

Solution 1 Answered by Mean Drake

Control Panel>Users and Passwords>Uncheck the box for users must enter a user name and password. Then you will get logged on as Administrator only.


Question 43

Submitted by Leifur

Hi I was wondering you knew how much memory I can add to my computer. Its a Compaq Presario 5838. It currently has 128mb ram, 500Mhz, 27 GB of disk... Im not familiar with this and I cant seem to get any answers on the web! Unbelievable! I was thinking if an upgrade of 512 mb would do the computer "harm" or should I just upgrade it with a 128mb or a 256mb ram. Im going to do a lot of heavy video production on the computer. Thanks for a great site and all the help! Its much appreciated Best Regards

Solution 1 Answered by Mean Drake

More RAM never hurt anybody. What is your OS though. Win 2k would make best use of RAM beyond 256 MB. And would be very stable for video editing too.


Question 53

Submitted by ? 

I have a compaq Armada 1500 laptop and when I turn the pc on the battery light is on, but the pc does not boot into windows. It just displays the compaq logo. I tried their web site but it sucks for finding information that you specificaly desire.

Solution 1 Answered by Marc Strickland

I bet one of your internal cable connections is loose. You might have to bring it in for servicing if your not brave enough to open it up and check.


Question 47

Submitted by Jenn

I have Windows Me -- Microsoft Works is the word processing component and there are definitely problems with it. I want to download one of the free word processing packages (that is-- WORD PROCESSING only, not Excel or data sheets - and I wonder what you would recommend? How does StarOffice rate? A major problem I have is sending attachments that arrive. I use IE 5.5 and try to forward documents from Microsoft Works and although the send panel on Yahoo mail says: "attached" they don't arrive. My computer club members says this is the fault of the word processing in ME. Many many thanks for some answers.

Solution 1 Answered by Mean Drake

Star Office is good. You can also try out the free 602 Pro Pc Suite that includes a spread sheet app and a photoediting tool as well as the word processor. It is available here:
The suite has full compatibility for MS Office documents and you can open documents made in MS Word as well others with MS Office can easily see and edit your documents.



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