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  Met Police still running 35,000 Windows XP machines
Time: 10:55 EST/15:55 GMT | News Source: | Posted By: Byron Hinson

The UK Metropolitan Police is using over 35,000 Windows XP machines despite the operating system no longer being officially supported, a freedom of information request has revealed. News site Motherboard uncovered the figure which comes a few weeks after the one year deadline for the end of XP support was passed, when it was revealed that 16.94 percent of machines are still running XP. "We have currently got 35,640 desktop and laptop computers running windows XP across all departments within the Metropolitan Police," reads the published response.

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  Bing Rewards members can get 2,000 points if they pre-order a Surface 3 this week
Time: 10:54 EST/15:54 GMT | News Source: WinOSCentral | Posted By: Byron Hinson

Microsoft has launched a new promotion that will allow members of the Bing Rewards program in the US to get 2,000 points if they pre-order a new Surface 3 between now and May 4. In case you are unaware, Bing Rewards is a free program for US residents only that encourages them to use Microsoft's Bing search service on their PC and smartphones. People who sign up for the program can collect points when they use Bing which can then be exchanged for free e-gift cards from various retailers, along with entries for prizes and other services.

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  New 'Gestures' might be coming with Windows 10 on Lumia phones
Time: 10:53 EST/15:53 GMT | News Source: Neowin | Posted By: Byron Hinson

Late last year Microsoft released an exclusive app for its Lumia line of devices, called Gestures, which allows users to interact with their phone in an intuitive way. And it looks like new functionality might be just around the corner. The Gestures app, which is still in Beta and has never been updated since release, allows users to do things like flip their phone to silence an incoming call, or toggle speaker when setting the phone on a flat surface. While this isnít exactly cutting edge technology itís still a nice feature to have on select Lumia devices.

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  The Microsoft Windows Server rapture is coming
Time: 10:52 EST/15:52 GMT | News Source: CNN | Posted By: Byron Hinson

Microsoft is phasing out old software that practically everyone is still using. And if companies don't upgrade, they'll be left behind as hack bait. Nearly every business still uses Microsoft Windows Server 2003, but Microsoft (MSFT, Tech30) is ending regular support for that software on July 14 this year. That means no more patches and upgrades. Windows Server is the software running those back-end computers you never think about. You know, the ones processing everything from shopping websites to company email.

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  Microsoft loses ~12 cents on every phone sold
Time: 10:51 EST/15:51 GMT | News Source: Neowin | Posted By: Byron Hinson

Despite hitting a record 10 million sales in the second quarter of 2015, Microsoft's phone division is in trouble. Competitors, including Apple and Google, are pushing the envelope even further, leaving Microsoft in the dust. Redmond has seemingly chosen to produce only low end phones with a flag ship phone conspicuously absent from the current line up.

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  Microsoft hints at impending write-off of Nokia acquisition
Time: 10:51 EST/15:51 GMT | News Source: | Posted By: Byron Hinson

Microsoft has signaled that it may take a massive write-off of its Nokia acquisition, perhaps as early as July. In the 10-Q document filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) last week, Microsoft said that its Phone Hardware division, which is based largely on the Nokia assets acquired last year for approximately $7.9 billion, lost money in the March quarter. With revenue at $1.4 billion for the period, Microsoft said, cost of revenue exceeded sales by $4 million, meaning the company lost about 12 cents Ė even before marketing, R&D and other expenses were factored in Ė on each phone sold.

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  Microsoft looking to release remastered Gears of War on Xbox One
Time: 10:49 EST/15:49 GMT | News Source: WinBeta | Posted By: Byron Hinson

According to numerous rumors, it looks like Gears of War (GoW) is headed to the Xbox One. Hopefully, any GoW collection fares better than the disastrous launch of Halo: The Master Chief Collection, with its numerous multiplayer issues that had users fuming. There are a lot of Xbox 360 owners out there that think that GoW was the definitive game that brought Xbox 360 as the leader in the console wars. However, as the GoW series continued, nothing new was brought to the table and I quickly lost interest in the series.

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