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  Windows 10 Music Preview app redesign sports a Spotify-like aesthetic
Time: 10:49 EST/15:49 GMT | News Source: PC Watch | Posted By: Byron Hinson

There’s apparently a new look coming to Windows 10's Music Preview app in Windows 10, and it's awfully reminiscent of Spotify. We’re not talking a complete copy mind you—more like what Spotify might look like if Microsoft designed it. The new app hasn’t yet popped up in the Windows 10 Technical Preview—at least in my tests. Microsoft did, however, post an image of the new build to its Xbox support page for the new music app.

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  Xbox boss Phil Spencer reiterates Rise Of The Tomb Raider is a timed exclusive
Time: 10:48 EST/15:48 GMT | News Source: | Posted By: Byron Hinson

The head of Microsoft's Xbox division Phil Spencer has cleared up confusion regarding the exclusivity deal that will bring Crystal Dynamics' Rise Of The Tomb Raider to Xbox One and Xbox 360 later in 2015. The official Facebook page for Xbox Australia said back in January that the follow-up to the rebooted Lara Croft series would be a full exclusive – "not timed exclusive but exclusive" – but that has since been rubbished by Spencer.

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  Windows Phone Recovery Tool Updated to Fix New Issues Introduced in Latest Preview Release
Time: 10:47 EST/15:47 GMT | News Source: Windows SuperSite | Posted By: Byron Hinson

With each new build that Microsoft releases for Windows 10 mobile, new issues arise. And, that's a given. You can't deliver unfinished software to the public without expecting bumps and crashes. But, as each new build is available and then installed, and new problems are introduced, there's another, seemingly inconsequential effect that really might be the more important piece to Microsoft fully releasing Windows 10 Mobile sometime later this year.

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  Windows 10's phone companion aims to link a PC to any smartphone
Time: 10:46 EST/15:46 GMT | News Source: The Verge | Posted By: Byron Hinson

Microsoft is planning to release a special phone companion app for Windows 10 that's designed to convince smartphone owners to bridge the gap between their handset and PC. The software maker is clearly hoping that its new companion app will convince iPhone and Android phone owners to install a number of apps and services on their devices. Once installed on a Windows 10 PC, the phone companion app works like a hub to direct phone owners to download apps like Skype, OneDrive, OneNote, Outlook, Office, Xbox Music, and even the recently announced Cortana app.

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  Microsoft announces Cortana app for Android and iOS
Time: 10:45 EST/15:45 GMT | News Source: PocketPCMinds | Posted By: Byron Hinson

Windows 10 Mobile is going to be tightly integrated with Windows 10 on PCs: that’s a key pillar of Microsoft’s platform vision, and promises to help further streamline communication between devices. So while Microsoft smartphones will work smoothly with Windows 10 computers, what about those of us who run Windows on our PCs but elect to go with Android or iOS as our primary mobile ecosystems? Today Microsoft shares some of what it’s planning for Android and iOS users on Windows 10, including availability of a Cortana app.

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