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  Intel rolls out Skylake chips to fuel Microsoft Windows 10 hardware push
Time: 18:47 EST/23:47 GMT | News Source: *Linked Within Post* | Posted By: Erick Cordero

Intel is to launch its "6th generation" Skylake processors next week, paving the way for Microsoft's first serious hardware push on the Windows 10 operating system.

Representing the "tock" on Intel's 14 nanometer chip architecture (the "tick" of the company's traditional "tick-tock" principle of shrinking a chip size followed by a new microarchitecture), Skylake promises to "set a new standard" with "new, sleek designs that are thinner than ever" and that start up in as little as half a second, with "up to two and a half times the performance" as well as, curiously, "triple the battery life when compared to the computers many people currently own".

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  Acer's slick Jade Primo is the first Windows 10 'PC phone'
Time: 18:46 EST/23:46 GMT | News Source: PC World | Posted By: Erick Cordero

Microsoft has long said that its Continuum feature for Windows 10 Mobile would enable PC-like performance when your phone’s connected to an external monitor. Now, Acer is seizing upon that concept with the Jade Primo, its first “PC phone” – and one that blows most of the existing Microsoft Lumia phones away.

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  Microsoft browser users kick older IE editions to the curb
Time: 18:45 EST/23:45 GMT | News Source: ComputerWorld | Posted By: Erick Cordero

With less than 20 weeks left before Microsoft stops serving security updates to most versions of Internet Explorer (IE), Windows users last month finally began ditching the soon-to-be-retired editions in significant numbers, data released yesterday showed.

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  Windows 10’s first month shows the value of free upgrades and the challenge ahead
Time: 18:43 EST/23:43 GMT | News Source: Ars Technica | Posted By: Erick Cordero

In its first full month on the market, Windows 10 appears to command about 5 percent of the PC market. That's not just fast: it's unprecedented. Windows 8 took about 6 months to achieve the same penetration. Even Windows 7, a much less divisive operating system than Windows 8 that was warmly welcomed and regarded as a welcome antidote to Windows Vista, took a couple of months to hit the same level of usage.

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  Microsoft caves on Windows 10 mandatory updates, but adds spying apps to Windows 7/8
Time: 18:40 EST/23:40 GMT | News Source: Network World | Posted By: Erick Cordero

This company really can't make up its mind if it wants to respect privacy or not.

It's a week where Microsoft giveth and Microsoft taketh away. On the plus side, it has caved on the mandatory app updates for home users and will allow them to opt out. On the down side, it has back-rolled some of the privacy-intrusive parts of Windows 10 to its older operating systems.

The mandatory updates were for both the OS and hardware drivers as well as Windows Store app updates. This only applied to home users, business users were exempt. It wasn't really an unheard-of move. Gamers live with that constantly, especially online gamers. You're getting the update whether you want it or not.

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