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Sound Blaster PCI (Ensoniq) card may hang machine or be skipped by ASD

This tip also applies to NTW


If you have a Sound Blaster PCI Ensoniq sound card and a VIA technologies chipset motherboard your machine may hang when you install Windows 98 or ASD ( automatic skip driver agent ) may prevent the loading of the drivers for this card.


PCI Steering in Windows 98 is having a problem with the VIA chipset.


This is a known issue from Creative Labs and VIA Technologies. To work around this issue, get the IRQ steering update which is available from th Via website, install it and then install the Ensoniq sound card. As a temporary fix you may try disabling PCI steering although this may not resolve the issue. It is recommended that the customer download and apply all patches from the VIA website that apply for their system.


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