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Microsoft Support Webcast Event List

These are held by Microsoft Support every week and are on a variety of topics and skill levels. Here is a breakdown of the skill levels:

  • 100 level: Is an introduction to the topic or overview. The 100-level Support WebCast assumes little or no expertise with the topic being covered.
  • 200 level: Assumes 100-level knowledge and a fairly complete understanding of the features. The 200-level Support WebCasts may discuss case studies that cover a breadth of common scenarios or explain how to use more advanced features.
  • 300 level: Assumes 200-level knowledge and an in-depth understanding of product features in a real-world environment. The 300-level Support WebCasts may go into unusual case studies that illustrate specific aspects of the product that are key to improving performance or interoperability.
  • 400 level: Assumes the deepest level of technical knowledge we expect a customer to have. The 400-level Support WebCasts are essentially expert-to-expert sessions. The content provides the means for customers to push products to maximum performance, achieve the broadest possible interoperability, and create applications using even the most advanced features.

Here are the upcoming events (Pacific Time):

WebCast Topic & Date Skill Level Date
October 2006 Webcasts    
Windows Vista Community Support WebCast: Find a new world of possibilities in Windows Vista
 Provides a tour of how the new Windows Vista interface and tools help you work the way you want to. Introduces new tools for managing photos, movies, and music, demonstrates the new Web browser, and discusses how Windows Sidebar helps keep information at hand.
200 Thursday, October 5, 2006
Support WebCast: Overview of database mirroring in SQL Server 2005
 Provides an overview of database mirroring features in SQL Server 2005 and discusses compatibility with other features. Also describes setup, troubleshooting for various errors during setup, and monitoring and performance.
200 Wednesday, October 18, 2006
Support WebCast: How to use the DataReader Source and the OLE DB Source objects in SQL Server 2005 Integration Services
Provides an overview of how to configure the DataReader Source object and the OLE DB Source object in SSIS. Discusses how to configure the Connection Manager for third-party OLE DB and ODBC drivers, specify data flow sources, and configure code page conversions.
300 Wednesday, October 25, 2006

All WebCasts begin at 10:00 A.M. Pacific Time unless otherwise noted.

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All the above products name including Microsoft, Windows, Office and so forth are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. This list is here solely for reference purposes only.

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