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DirectX 6.0 Tools

Mircrosoft decided to added a few cool tools to DirectX 6. During the installation of DirectX 6.0 you are not prompted as to where you would like the files to be stored on your hard drive or given any indication that a few necessary tools are hidden in the DirectX 6.0 Setup directory (which is cool - its Microsoft).  Go to Explorer and path to C: - Program Files - DirectX - Setup and look in the right hand pane.  You will see three DirectX icons called:    Dxdiag - Dxinfo - Dxtool.

  • Dxdiag - is a tool designed to help you diagnose problems you may be having with DirectX.  It covers everything from the DirectX files themselves to your sound drivers. This tool also allows testing of Direct Draw hardware acceleration, Direct 3D hardware acceleration, sound, and enabling or disabling of certain drivers. You are also given any errors DirectX may have found regarding your current driver installation.
  • Dxinfo - is a simple interface which tells you what driver components are installed and what version number you are running.  It also provides system and setup information which can be saved as a .txt file and stored for future reference.
  • Dxtool - is a very simple interface which provides you with build versions and the ability to enable or disable Direct 3D Hardware Acceleration and Direct Draw Hardware Acceleration. If you see either the Direct 3D Hardware acceleration or the Direct Draw hardware acceleration boxes not checked then check them. This may be why some people are not receiving the "performance boost" they thought they would.


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