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Ballmer saves Gates a trip to the DOJ

In a shocking turn of events this past week, Bill Gates resigned as CEO of Microsoft Corporation and appointed Steve Ballmer President and CEO.  Gates made a new position for himself, Chairman and Chief Software Architect.  Gates said he wants to more fully devote his time to improving Next Generation Windows Services (NGWS), which was also announced on the same day.

Steve Ballmer has been with Microsoft since the beginning and has been a crucial player in Microsoft’s success.  I look forward with great anticipation to see if he is only a paper CEO or the real deal.  I had noticed an increase in Ballmer’s public presence recently, mostly relating to Microsoft’s new Vision Statement (which is an amazing change by itself).

The real story here is the hidden one,  Next Generation Windows Services.  It doesn’t matter if Bill Gates has the initials CEO after his name because he has the word Chairman.  He is still in full control of any and every decision at Microsoft Corp., but now Ballmer gets to be the one on TV and stand infront of the judge when Microsoft’s fate is decided.  The word from Gates is that Next Generation Windows Services will be as shocking a change as when they released Windows 3.x to the DOS users of the time.  I’m drooling as we speak, but what can I say?  I’m a Microsoft follower.

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Fosco Marotto is a Microsoft Certified Professional who is employed as a Programmer/Webmaster at Acra (a Microsoft Certified Solutions Provider) in Jenkintown, PA.   Email Address:

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