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Apple wants its Apple back

Apple Inc. released information and screenshots of their new operating system called OS X two weeks ago.  No longer than a week later, there was a “skin” made which could turn any version of Microsoft Windows into something that looks just like Aqua.  Apple has threatened a web site, which posted the “skin”, and the creator of the program, which allows “skins” to be applied to Windows, with legal action if they do not stop distributing the “skin” called WinAqua.

Aqua is what is called an Interface.  Aqua is the look and feel of OS X which is due to be released in a few weeks.  Application title bars are white with gray lines and all the buttons, tabs, etc. all look like pieces of glass.  It is a very pretty interface and I recommend you check it out on the OS X page at  I modified WinAqua to what I think is a more user-friendly approach and I use it all the time now.

Windows users have been stuck with the same interface since August of 1994 and are just itching for something new.  Stardock made a program called Windowblinds (available for $19.95 at, which allows you to “skin” the operating system into looking like anything you want it to.  Apple should be flattered that people like the interface so much that they want it on their Windows machines.  Apple users will still buy Apple, Windows users will still buy Windows.  I believe that Apple will lose any lawsuit it brings against anyone for copying the “look and feel” of Aqua.  I don’t agree with them going after some home-user because he knew how to cut and paste.

OS X is a powerful operating system fueled by the FreeBSD kernel.  It will be quite an upgrade for current Apple users.  I think everyone should really respect Steve Jobs for what he has accomplished since his return to Apple.

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Fosco Marotto is a Microsoft Certified Professional who is employed as a Programmer/Webmaster at Acra (a Microsoft Certified Solutions Provider) in Jenkintown, PA.   Email Address:

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